About president Princess and his “ISIS is al-Qaeda’s Junior Varsity” lie:

Everyone who follows Obama knows that Obama was lying baldly when he peddled this line to Todd. Although Todd showed no sign of it, Todd himself is a leading example of the knowledgeable observer who knows Obama was lying.

And a leading example of the “press” who can’t seem to dislodge president Princess’s cock from their throats. Why the Hades would he show a sign of it? He’d suck president Princess’s cock so hard it fell off if given half a chance. Why in the name of Cerberus’ jock strap do so-called conservatives still insist on acting all surprised when they find the “press” servicing Princess’s nethers for the umpteenth time, and why on Earth do they keep trying to see something significant in it?

The “press” is the Prozi Party’s propaganda arm, and it has been since forever. Can we please, at least on this side of the aisle, dispense with the ridiculous notion that they’d serve any purpose except as fertilizer? Pretty please? Or is that too “Visigoth” for you disgusting “conservative” pussies to admit to? Still angling for that “press” job, are you, or are you just irreparably stunted?

One wonders why he would let himself be seen to be lying by all such observers. What is going on here? Here some speculation is required. Obama would prefer to be seen lying by the knowledgeable than admit to a significant mistake or misjudgment in an admission to be heard by all, for this is (at best) a spectacular misjudgment.

No. One does not, unless one has the intelligence of a boiled cabbage.

Why wouldn’t he do what he’s doing? Why wouldn’t he be lying his lips off? What, exactly, have been the consequences of him doing so for at least a decade by now? Just name us one example of the “opposition” making something of his serial lying. Just one. We have all day. Come on, just one. Seriously, you can’t come up with ONE example?

That’s because there ISN’T one. On the one hand you have the Prozi “media” not wanting to ruffle the feathers of their Messiah if they have to kill their own families to do so and, on the other, we have the so-called “conservative media” falling over their own diminutive dicks to come up with excuses for his Golfiness and denouncing any realistic evaluation and criticism of that jugeared, lawn jockey, communist freak as “extremist” and “Visigoth.”

Tell us again: Why WOULDN’T he be pissing all over you and calling it “rain?” You’ve done fuck all to make him pay for it.

Why WOULD he hesitate to lie, obfuscate and take a daily dump on the Constitution when both you pundits and the alleged “opposition” in Congress spend your every waking moment when you’re not masturbating over the Constitution that you wouldn’t sacrifice a Starbucks latte for unless an election is around the corner do nothing but come up with excuses for why “nothing can be done yet” and how it’s always just around the corner, AFTER the next election, the Republican Revolt of Next Tuesday™. You’re no less repugnant than the Soviets and their “just one more five year plan” recipes for success.

And this is an election year, so you’ll muster every ounce of indignation and “how can this BE?” right up until November, after which you and your GOP puppet masters will spend the next two years explaining why you STILL can’t do anything.

Sure. Why, oh WHY wouldn’t Sir Golfsalot just continue jerking off in your mouthes? He knows you’ll swallow.

Every. Single. Time.

You useless Prozi Kapos.

Just go kill yourselves.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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