LC & IB and writer extraordinaire, Francis Porretto (whom Akismet, for some reason, keeps labeling as “spam” even though he’s an old, old friend of ours, so we have to rescue him from purgatory, something that we’ve yet to find a reason for that we can remedy), did also chime in on the race issue that wouldn’t be an issue if the Prozis hadn’t been so damned and determined to make it one, and how their idiot, hateful, selfish and short-sighted Prozi ploy not only may, but will backfire on them. And a whole lot of perfectly innocent people too.

Read it all, but this perfectly encapsulates how we see it too. Us being an outsider who never quite figured out how our new countrymen can simultaneously harp about how “race is an issue” in American while not realizing that their incessant babbling about it is the very fucking reason that it continues to be so.

I wanted nothing but to be left in peace, to get along with my neighbors as best I can regardless of the color of their skins. You refused to permit it. You’ve emphasized race at every opportunity. You’ve harped on racial injustices in the distant past as if they were the doing of contemporary whites. You’ve taught American blacks and Hispanics to think of themselves as helpless victims of “Whitey.” You’ve agitated ceaselessly for racial preferences in the law, and you’ve usually gotten them. You’ve excused non-white criminals, traitors, and other miscreants on the grounds that “they couldn’t do otherwise in this oppressive society.” You’ve granted a wholly undeserved degree of respect to racialist hucksters like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Julian Bond, Toure, Melissa Harris-Perry, and hundreds of others. You’ve used ordinary words and idioms as justifications for destroying decent men’s lives and careers. You’ve used cries of “racism!” to silence anyone who disagrees with you about anything. Worst of all, you’ve got everyone in the whole damned country seeing race everywhere, and afraid to speak his mind if it might somehow touch on that subject. But now that whites are showing some racial consciousness, voting and relocating and arming to protect our own from the groups you’ve sheltered and coddled, you find that you dislike what you’ve wrought? Choke on it!

What he said.

And when the pot comes to boil and an untold number of people of all creeds, races and genders get hurt in the process, EVERY SINGLE DAMN ONE OF THEM WILL BE ON THE HEADS OF THE PROZI CUNTS.

And if G-d blesses us enough that we’re still alive in the aftermath, we will take great pleasure in exacting a bloody price from each and every one of them until there is not a single one of them left. No post WWII leniency this time, no leaving the job half done. This time they will be rooted out, destroyed, annihilated, burned and buried until their fates are the stories that will be used for centuries to scare people shitless.

Because they deserve nothing less. Hitler was a piker compared to what those subhuman swine have wrought.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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