The Prozi bird cage liner, Salon (socialist), has a writer (for lack of a more descriptive word) who really loves putting her utter ignorance of history on display. While mocking the knowledge of history of others, of course.

On Wednesday’s edition of “Outnumbered,” the hosts discussed ISIS’ beheading of journalist James Foley, and co-host Andrea Tantaros conflated the small group of extraordinarily violent rebels with all of Islam.

A very, very small group. Minuscule, even. Barely even there! It’s truly a mystery how they got to sit on 1/3 of Iraq and 1/3 of Syria, considering their utter insignificance. Why, there can’t be more than three or four players on Caliph al-Bama’s Junior Varsity Team.

Funny how pretty much every single violent conflict on the planet involves those “small groups of “extraordinarily” (nothing extraordinary about it) violent “rebels”, isn’t it.

“A lonesome cowboy rode into the sunset. Another lonesome cowboy rode into the sunset. And another one, and another one, and pretty soon the sunset was utterly obscured by hundreds of thousands of lonesome cowboys.”

Joanna then goes on to quote the lovely Andrea’s suggestion that the only way to deal with rabid animals is to put them down with a bullet to the head, which is absolutely correct. After which Joanna decides to go all in for the Idiot of the Day prize:

First of all, Andrea, if you’ve studied the history,

First of all, Joanna, if you’d studied grammar, you’d note that “history” does not require a preceding “the”, unless it’s followed immediately by “of [insert topic here].” You’ll note, for instance, that His Imperial Majesty didn’t include a “the” before “grammar”, because that would just be… ignorant. And we might be in danger of scoring a writing gig at your rag if we were to display such utter illiteracy, which would be even worse than merely appearing ignorant.

…you’ll know that Islam has been responsible for some of the most vibrant, productive civilizations for thousands of years.

Second of all, Joanna, if you’d studied math, you’d know that 1,400 does not equal “thousands.” You’d need at least two of said thousands to warrant a plural “s”.

Third of all, Joanna, if those “civilizations” were so “vibrant and productive”, then where are they now? Did their vibrancy and productiveness not include basic survival skills, or were they just too darn busy productively vibrating in perfect harmony to be bothered with such minor details? Also, Joanna, kindly explain to us how it is that whatever remains of those pillars of civilization is still stuck in the century that Islam was founded? Indoor plumbing? The Roman Empire had that, and they beat the “vibrant and productive civilizations (just how many of them were there, anyway?) of Islam by almost a millennium. Considering how great Islam was at stealing the accomplishments of other civilizations and claim the credit for themselves (see “math” and “astronomy”, to name two), one might be forgiven for assuming that they’d at least have picked up that much.

What, exactly, was the nature of said “vibrancy” and “productiveness” anyway? The sack of Constantinople? The Gates of Vienna? Tours? Have they made any achievements outside of the realms of military conquest (or ignominious defeat), sacking of truly civilized cities and putting the inhabitants to the sword? Is “convert or die” a symbol of their clear superiority over everybody? Clitoridectomies? Stoning rape victims for “adultery?” Stoning homosexuals? They still do that, you know, with the enthusiastic approval of their fellow Muslims.


You might want to look that word up in a dictionary not written by Noam Chimpsky.

Just where in the name of Pluto’s cock did you “study” history, Joanna? Did you play “Assassin’s Creed” for a whole entire weekend or something?

Tell us, Joanna, did your family spend the last umpteen generations breeding for ignorance, or is it just a talent that comes naturally to you?

Did it ever occur to you that after tens of thousands of Islamic atrocities your “tiny extremist minority” pablum might be wearing a little thin, that maybe it would have been helpful to your doe-eyed theory if just once the rest of the Islamic world were to have stood up as one and said “enough already, not in our fucking names!”?

If Christians, for instance, were to suddenly erupt into outbreaks of beheadings, infanticide, rape and vandalism, do you really think that Christians the world over would just sit down and say “ho-hum” and, more importantly, would the likes of you accept that and excuse all of Christendom with a “but those are just a tiny minority of extraordinarily violent Christians?”

No, you wouldn’t. And you’d be damn right not to, were the rest of Christendom to not utter a peep in protest, but we all know that wouldn’t happen, don’t we?

Those hypothetical murderous Christian extremists would be hunted down by other Christians, hunted down and executed and set on fire faster than you blinkered idiots could word a stern diplomatic missive of disapproval.

So kindly shut up, Joanna. Just go away. Stick your fingers in your ears and go play with your transgendered, inclusive Barbie dolls until the grownups have finished patching up the security blanket under which you sleep every night. At which point a simple “thank you” would be nice but, to tell you the truth, we wouldn’t hold our breaths waiting for it.

You retard.


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By Emperor Misha I

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