Again. Tom DeLay, also not guilty of anything, was the last time the communist cunts in Austin tried to nail an Evil Republican.

This will turn out no differently.

But it’s a huge compliment to Governor Perry, because the only times the commies on the socialist reservation that is Austin pull this stunt is when a Republican really, really frightens them. Governor Perry just earned a few extra “Run in ’16” points in His Majesty’s book.

If the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party isn’t pulling all the stops to slime, attack, libel and destroy you, then you’re not worthy of our vote, because you’re not doing anything.

As to the “complaint”, they have no grounds. They can scream all day long that the Governor used his veto power to get a drunken whore to resign from office after she’d been arrested, charged and convicted for driving with enough alcohol in her blood to to make the Big Lebowski’s liver spontaneously explode, (and what horrible “crime” is THAT? Clearly we need more government officials thinking themselves above the law!), but what they can’t do is point to a single sentence in the law making it illegal.

Which is, we believe, what indictments are about. Making the decision that an illegal act was likely committed here and a trial should be held.

But in the Travis Oblast, it means “we don’t like this one and he/she should be punished.”

Oh well. Fascists will be fascists.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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