Everything old is new again, and Europe is rapidly returning to its anti-Semitic roots:

In totally unrelated news, the British government revealed on Tuesday that they are suffering from a terminal case of moral equivalency and are prepared to cut off military aid to Israel if “significant hostilities” resume in Gaza.

Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills and Liberal Democrat MP Vince Cable announced this week that the United Kingdom would suspend the export licenses of 12 British firms which send Israel arms like radar systems, aircraft, and tanks if any new hostilities in Gaza restart.

So let’s see if we get this right: In case Israel and its Jews once again insist on acting in self-defense, keeping in mind that Israel, throughout her history, never once has started anything, in case Israel decides that being murdered and having their corpses thrown into the Med isn’t all that appealing and chooses to do something about it when the paleswine resume their favorite pastime of murdering Jews, then Britain vows to boycott… Israel?

If today’s Brits had been around back in the 30s:

September 3rd, 1939: The British Prime Minister, Oswald Mosley, just informed Polish President Ignacy Moscicki that, as a result of Poland’s continued aggressive posture against Germany and insistence of gumming up the tracks of the German panzers with their dead bodies, Britain was immediately cutting off all trade to the latter.

Funny how socialists always turn their murderous eyes towards the Jews sooner or later, isn’t it? Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, France and now (formerly) Great Britain, just to name a few.

It looks like Adolf ended up having his way regarding his plans for Neuropa after all.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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