His Imperial Majesty is about ready to explode here, but let’s get a few things settled first. Such as the question as to whether the genocidal mess in Iraq is Komrade Obama’s fault or not.

Here’s Kaliph Obama in 2012:

Here’s Kaliph Obama in 2014:

Any questions?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. His Imperial Majesty remembers only too well, as we’re sure that you all do as well, how the Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure that is Kaliph Golfsalot was running around at every conceivable venue spiking the football, doing end zone dances about how he, and HE ALONE, was the one who “brought the boys back home, just as he’d promised.”

Now that it’s politically inconvenient to be seen as the chief architect of the mass genocide that is going on in Iraq at the bloody hands of ISIS or whatever the koranimal subhumans call themselves (Kaliph Obama calls them “the Junior Varsity of al-Qaeda”, no worries), just another fuckup of his like Egypt, Libya and Syria, we were always at war with Eastasia and it was all Somebody Else’s Fault™ anyways.

Business as usual in the Land of the Fee and the Home of the Cowed. History is what Ear Leader says it is, and the huddled, cocksucking masses yearning to swallow will continue to vote themselves some beautiful chains until the whole sorry mess collapses in an inferno that will make the fall of the Roman Empire look like a mild case of indigestion.

So what have those lovable “junior varsity” chaps been up to in Iraq, those “pathetic remnants of al-Qaeda on the run” (thanks to our illustrious leader whose cock both his own Prozi party as well as the so-called “opposition party” line up to service eagerly any chance they get)? We’re glad you asked, because it gives us an opportunity to share something that you will never, EVER find in the “mainstream media”, including that bastion of truth, FOX News, who are just as much whores of Kaliph Obama’s as everybody else. Even they have not the courage to show what is going on in Iraq, thanks to Komrade Obama. It might be seen as “uncivil.”

But we have so such inhibitions.

We want you to see what the American Sheeple’s mindless election of Prozi mass murderers has wrought. We need you to see what those Prozi swine that you know have caused with their ignorance at the ballot box. And we hope that maybe you’ll shove those images into their faces so that they will haunt their dreams for years and years to come until they, hopefully, slit their own wrists.

The only consideration we’ll show is to put them underneath the fold.

But if you ever, ever defend any of that, defend anybody who voted for that, make up excuses for it or the koranimal beasts perpetrating it, then we’ll know that you didn’t watch the images, and if you didn’t, then your opinion matters not one tiny little scintilla of an iota of a microscopic shit and you might as well save your breath.

Kill them all. All of them. Every last goat fucking one of them. Then kill anybody who ever as much as smiled at them. Anybody who ever offered an excuse for them. Anybody who ever failed to shoot them in the fucking face if given the opportunity.

Koranimal Day Care. Not pictured: Flies.
Koranimal Day Care. Not pictured: Flies.
At least she was "humanely Halal slaughtered"
At least she was “humanely Halal slaughtered”

But not to worry, Obama voters, this is all Booosh’s fault. And Wal*Mart’s. Her “crime”, according to Obama’s “junior varsity?” She was a Christian. Or, as Obama voters like to call them, “Christofascists.” Finally getting rid of all of those church ladies, are you? Have another latte.

"I'm just happy that the president you voted for is seeking to raise the minimum wage!"
“I’m just happy that the president you voted for is seeking to raise the minimum wage!”

Sleep well, Obamarrhoids.

You built this.

And it’s coming soon to a town near you.

Thanks to you.

Just think about how much that dad is going to save on hair cuts for his little girl. He might even be able to make the down payment for a Prius with the savings.

Aren’t you SO proud of yourselves?



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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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