Just another budding illegal, unconstitutional “initiative” from our fascist regime.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is weighing plans to circumvent Congress and act on its own to curtail tax benefits for United States companies that relocate overseas to lower their tax bills, seeking to stanch a recent wave of so-called corporate inversions, Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said on Tuesday.

Treasury Department officials are rushing to assemble an array of options that would essentially wipe out the economic incentive for the deals, Mr. Lew said. No final decision has been made.

“The question is, Can we do enough that it will materially change the economics of inversions so that companies will make different decisions?” Mr. Lew said in an interview. “The things we are looking at look to me like they could very materially change the economics of inversions.”

Yep. You’d force them to relocate completely and take their jobs with them. WINNING!

But no, you can’t call imperial edicts circumventing the Constitution designed to put private property under government control “fascist”, because that’s not what “fascism” means. “Fascism” is putting private property under government contr… Oh waitaminnit… Never mind. Obama is “fundamentally a good man”, so pay no attention, you “extremist”, and look over there… SQUIRREL!

Now shut up, get in line and vote for Chris Christie or whatever RINO shit sandwich we pick for you, you traitor, racist peasant whom we absolutely love. Until you’ve voted, that is.

We have to admit, that’s a really — interesting strategy the GOP has adopted.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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