JERUSALEM — A three-day cease-fire that ended the round-the-clock carnage and terror in Gaza and southern Israel was holding Wednesday ahead of negotiations in Cairo on a longer-term truce and perhaps a broader deal for the ravaged Gaza Strip.

Most of the ravaging having been done by the paleosimians before the IDF even started moving in. They’ve turned “shitting your own nest” into an art form.

U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry, speaking in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corp., urged both sides to take advantage of the Gaza truce to move toward broader negotiations.

We’re mainly waiting to see how long it takes for the koranimals to take advantage of the “truce” to start shelling kindergartens again. Last time they held out against their natural animal instincts for all of an hour and a half.

Asked whether he supported Palestinian demands for a lifting of Israel’s blockade of Gaza, Kerry said: “What we want to do is support the Palestinians in their desire to improve their lives and to get food in and to open crossings and to reconstruct and have greater freedom.”

Here’s a hint, fuckface, and you can pass it on to your koranimal friends if you like. We know you sleep with them every night, so if you just lift your head from the pillow for a few minutes, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Less spending on bombing Israel, more spending on food and jobs.

But that must come “with a greater responsibility toward Israel, which means giving up rockets,” he said, referring to the barrages unleashed by Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip. “No country can live with that condition, and the United States stands squarely behind Israel’s right to defend itself in those circumstances. Period.”

And coming from the miserable failure who gave birth to the expression “for it before he was against it”, you know that you just have to believe him, no?

After nearly a month of grinding war, Gaza and southern Israel were experiencing something new: calm. Since the Egyptian-brokered cease-fire kicked in Tuesday morning at 8 a.m., there have been no rocket attacks or missile strikes. No tunnel infiltrations or shelled schools.

Please note the moral equivalency reindeer games that the pro-terrorist animals at the Washington Compost just can’t help playing. Rocket attacks on civilians and missile strikes on terrorist murderers are no different. Eliminating tunnels used to murder civilians vs. shelling schools? No difference, according to the Washington Beobachter.

Both Israel and Hamas went into the fight seeking to change the underlying dynamics of a situation that has produced three rounds of combat in less than six years while crippling the Gazan economy.

And there it is again. No difference between Israel responding to deliberate, unprovoked attacks on civilians and the paleosimians initiating unprovoked attacks on civilians.

They’re both just “trying to change the dynamics.”

We guess the paleoswine are trying to improve the Gazan economy through obliterating Jewish elementary schools. Are paleosimians in the construction business? Unlikely, seeing as how they haven’t advanced to indoor plumbing yet.

It is truly sickening how our pro-Nazi “media” constantly play these games, rewriting history and the facts on the ground in ways that would make even Julius Streicher of Der Stürmer blush with embarrassment, yet nobody dares call them on it. If it walks like a Nazi and talks like a Nazi, it most likely is a Nazi, and if that makes His Imperial Majesty persona non grata among the more “refined” commentators of this country, then so be it.

It’s an honor that we’ll cherish forever. At least we will not be counted among the cowering, mewling, whimpering nithlings who were too timid to call a spade a spade and who will be the first to claim that “nobody could have predicted that this would happen” after the utterly predictable has happened.


We piss on them. They’re too disgustingly cowardly to acknowledge mere facts. We’d consider ourselves cursed to have to rely on them on an actual battlefield. Go back to sleep, you useless cunni, and do the world a favor by not ever waking up again. You’re as useless as an abacus in Congress.

So now the next act starts, with “both sides needing to make concessions to stop this “tragedy””.

Pluto’s cock? Excuse us?

Here’s a brief history lesson for you, you suburan whores: Israel has not once, not ONCE initiated a damn thing, with the possible exception of the Yom Kippur war where they not as much “initiated” as responded to the mildly unsettling fact that just about every armored vehicle that the incompetent Saracen hordes could get to run was amassed on their borders. Sure, they were just out to celebrate the annual muslim elk hunting festival, yeah right.

So just where exactly does this need for Israel to “make concessions” come from? They didn’t start anything. Not once. And, seriously, how many more concessions do they have to make? They’ve done nothing else in serial vain attempts at appeasing the howling animals wanting to tear their throats out. They gave the Sinai back to the gyppos, they conceded the “right” of a bunch of displaced Arabs from anywhere BUT Israel to loiter on her lands, they’ve thrown their own citizens out of their own homes in order to hand them over to the pedophile monsters in hopes that it would sate their blood lust, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam.

What, exactly, WHAT have the paleosimians ever conceded? Huh? Bueller? You, the Prozi over in the corner with the comb-over and the toothbrush mustache? ANYBODY?

The only concession Israel ought to make is that they’ve been too lenient on the murderous koranimals and that they’ll atone by eradicating every last daughter-fucking one of them.

And we ought to supply the ammunition, free of charge, as well as firing the first shot.

Obama. From an onager.

Am Yisroel Chai.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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