It turns out that that rascally dog who ate Lois Lerner’s emails (but only the ones concerning the investigation into her targeted suppression of dissent at her Führer’s behest) had a rather voracious appetite.

It ate all of the emails of 6 other people. All of whom, coincidentally, also happen to be the target of said investigation. Again, it left absolutely no trace of said emails and no backups exist. Anywhere.

At this point, the regime is pretty much flipping the American people the bird. After having dipped it in feces. While shouting “whatcha gonna do about it?”

Because they know, positively know, that nothing is going to be done. By anybody. Ever. They’ve already bought the GOP lock, stock and barrel, and everybody else is too busy watching The Bachelor(ette).

So why wouldn’t they? They rule over the most thoroughly cowed, simpering, timid people in the history of mankind.

Including the fwench.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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