A DAD who saw armed robbers holding a gun to the head of his teenage daughter opened fire on the men, killing one and critically injuring the other.

And the baby Jesus smiles….

The incident unfolded late Monday night in St Louis when the 17-year-old girl went outside her home to retrieve something from the car. Local Fox station, Fox4KC, reported that the teen was approached by two gunmen who demanded she return to the house. When the girl’s 34-year-old dad saw the men walking his daughter up to the house he grabbed a gun and opened fire, hitting both men. The girl’s mum, also 34, opened fire but reportedly did not hit either man.

A few more days at the range should fix that. Doesnt matter you didnt hit him, ma’am, your daughter will remember for all her days that her mother stood to protect her. God bless and keep you both.

A 31-year-old, named by police as Terrell Johnson was killed at the scene. A second suspect fled the scene and was later admitted to hospital with gunshot wounds to his chest and thighs. The 33-year-old is in a critical but stable condition, police told Fox4KC.

He better not pack any heavy’s very warm where he is going…and when he gets there, he and his ” homie” can sit down and work out where it all went wrong….

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By LCBren

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