In which we point out to the inestimable Maetenloch, who is a far more genteel person than we, that he is, well, being too kind in his comment on the newest state dept spokeshole, Marie Harf, who is busy stating that the always honest (YouTube video!) dept of re-state knows WAY more about that despicable traitor Bergdahl’s “disappearance” than his squad mates.

I wonder if when Marie Harf graduated from college, she ever envisioned that she’d be prostituting herself in public like this.

Ahem. Prostituting yourself, like just about any other human habit, is not something you just pick up on a whim. Human beings, generally speaking, don’t change all that much from the age of majority until they die, at least not in their core beliefs and behaviors, so we’re more than a little bit certain that Ms Harf was quite well-acquainted with whoring herself out for personal gain way before she graduated.

And we’d be surprised to learn that this doesn’t explain why she graduated at all.

After all, withered, unloved, ugly old socialist professors have needs too.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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