…and the world yawns. Except for the lame stream mediots who are furiously masturbating. Or at least they were, until it turned out that this one wasn’t a white Tea Bagger Christianist.

You know, like every single one of the other ones that they were furiously masturbating over until they… you know the rest.

Just another entitled, leftist, effeminate mentula who didn’t get enough attention from daddy and, seeing as his awesome self wasn’t getting enough attention from the girls either (one wonders if that might have had to do with him having the intellect and penis size of a 6 year old), decided to finally get some of the attention that the lame stream mediots happily bestow upon anybody who murders a passel of innocents.

The gun grabbers grabbed their shriveled dicks and started fruitlessly trying to rub one out as well, which might be difficult for them to do since he knifed three of his six victims, but that’s obviously the NRA’s fault too. Oh, and didn’t the tiny-dicked insect do this in yet another gun free zone? How could that happen? There were no guns there, right? What? You mean to say that your fascist gun grabbing “laws” don’t keep murderers from getting their hands on guns?

Knock us over with a feather, why don’t you?

And even the feminazis have tried to muscle in on the action, howling that his murder spree was further proof of the Rape Culture Inherent in the System or something. Personally, we think that the howling feminazi’s main problem, apart from being so butt ugly that birds change their migratory patterns to avoid having to look at them, is that they got rather too much attention from their daddies, if you know what we mean.

Needless to say, their claims are a bit… problematic as well. After all, three of his six victims were most definitely born with an outie rather than an innie. 50%. Obviously just collateral damage. The womyn are the REAL victims here!

And so the leftist cunni run around in circles trying to blame this on whatever group is the object of their insane, fascist hatred (Harry Reid will be blaming it on the Koch brothers soon, we’re sure) when the real reason is as plain as the swastikas on their foreheads.

The sluts bring up their spawn to believe that they’re special little snowflakes who are both entitled to and deserving of all of the adulation, attention and sex they could ever desire and then, when they reach the age of majority, they encounter a world that sees things rather differently.

And they react predictably, just like the overgrown brats that they are, their development having been arrested from the moment their leftist cunni “parents” made the decision to breastfeed them until they were 18: They reach out for fame the only way they know is absolutely guaranteed to have their names and pictures plastered all over the media for weeks, the media having just about made a direct promise to make them famous beyond their wildest imaginations if only they commit some atrocious act that will help them in the ratings.

There. Simple, isn’t it?

But we allowed the leftist swine to breed among us, so the fault is really ours. Not a pleasant truth but, then again, the truth rarely is.

If you don’t do something about the termites, pretty soon they will eat your house, and it’s really not reasonable for you to come crying to anybody about it later if all you did was to sit and admire the darling critters, refusing to do what was necessary because that would be so mean, don’t you know?

Won’t get your house rebuilt, will it?

Oh, and no sense in beginning the rebuilding until you’ve had the exterminator over, if you get our drift.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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