There are no words. Except “yet another victory for Nanny Statism and the Obumfuck Reign of Error”, but we’re quite frankly getting tired of writing that every time we comment on anything. Particularly since fuck all is going to change as long as 51% at least of voters have the collective IQ of Stalin’s rotting jock strap. May they all die horribly. And soon.

But not Sharon “Vet Murderer” Helman. Oh no. We wish her a long, long life. So that she may fully enjoy all of the debilitating diseases, horrifying family tragedies, disfiguring accidents and general utter, unspeakable, hellish torment and anguish that we ALSO wish for her.

Call it a preview of the hell that she is most ASSUREDLY going to once her useless carcass finally quits working. Hopefully while she’s screaming in pain, unattended, on a moldy, stinking couch covered in her own vomit, piss and shit.

While on a “secret waiting list.”

Rot in hell, Sharon, and may everybody and everything you love rot as well.

Demonic swine.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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