In other news, the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.

For all the blather that the wannabe intellectuals of “right wing” punditry spread about them “understanding” Alinsky rules and how socialist swine operate (OK, so they’d never call them “swine” because that would be an “unhelpful” way to describe adherents of a diseased ideology that has murdered 100 million people and counting), they sure seem to fall for the same old tricks time and time again, don’t they?

So now they’re in full retreat over Cliven Bundy’s allegedly “racist” remarks in which he stipulated that FedGovCo hasn’t done fuck all to help blacks, as a matter of fact they are in many ways worse off than they were under slavery. Something we thought was pretty much mainstream thought on the right, not to mention the plain truth. But apparently not anymore, now that the organ to whom all “conservatives” must look for approval before deciding what is and isn’t racist.

We’ll let Mike speak for us here, but you really should go read the whole thing:

Guys, while we watch in disgust as weak-kneed “moderate” conservatives predictably skitter away again from principle for their perpetually-hoped-for pat on the head from liberal-fascist diabolicals for being good little PC poodles (a pat on the head they never seem to receive), we need to remember something: all this was inevitable, and it was no accident; this is how our enemies operate.

Anybody who didn’t smell this noxious manipulation coming from a mile away simply hasn’t been paying attention these last several decades.

And even if we, pleading temporary insanity, were to agree that the Democrat slave plantations of 2014 are somehow not as bad as the Democrat slave plantations of 1861 and that Cliven Bundy therefore must be racist for pointing out what was utterly uncontroversial until Barack Alinsky needed Bundy frozen and demonized so people wouldn’t support him, just how in the name of everloving FUCK does that justify the goon tactics of the BLM acting as Harry Reid’s personal cattle rustling and property stealing agency so his syphilitic son (who, rumor has it, is also his grandchild if you know what we mean) can make a quick buck with the Chinese Communists?

Good job, Hot Air Balloon and National Retreat, just to name a couple. You have, once again, proven that you have all of the courage of a fwenchman and all of the intellectual honesty and integrity of Harry Reid.

Now get the fuck out of the way. We have a country to save.


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By Emperor Misha I

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