OK, so we haven’t done it yet, but others have done it before us. Get the reference? Geek points if you did.

We’ll try to keep this short, but to those of you who have suffered through our ramblings over the last decade and a half, you also know that when we start by saying “we’ll make this short”, it will be anything but. But we’ll really try this time. Honest we will.

So we look at the decline of the American Experiment, the dark times we’re living through right now, and we despair. But we really have no need to. Because might makes right. And we’re not just talking about physical might, although that is certainly required as a first step for any society to flourish. If there is not a warrior class manning the ramparts, the society behind those ramparts won’t have a chance to flourish as it will be run by the warriors next door in short order.

But that’s not the only manifestation of might. Innovation, industry, morale, all of that which can, in our extremely immodest opinion (it’s the only kind of opinion we have, being an Emperor, it’s an occupational hazard), be summed up in a “can do spirit.” And that, more than anything else, is how the American Experiment became so wildly successful. It’s how ANY previous empire became successful. And the lack of it is why they fell.

So where are we going with this?

There is hope. Actually, it’s not hope. It’s inevitability. Sure, we’re in a slump right now, there’s no denying it. We have become fat and complacent as a society, and we face some seriously trying times ahead of us unless we reverse that trend.

The thing is, it IS inevitable. The future belongs to the creators, the warriors, the achievers, the ones who keep the faith, their honor and understand duty. They will ALWAYS win out in the end. They always have. When the Roman Empire fell, they were replaced. When those empires fell, they were replaced too. But they were always, always replaced with those who stayed true or learned the core principles of industry. The lemming hordes never succeed, because they have lost all of that. They succeed in bringing down empires, but they NEVER succeed in building new ones, because they’ve forgotten, they don’t know HOW to.

No lasting empire, free society, was ever founded by the mindless lemmings. They only know how to destroy, not how to build.

And the only things that embrace all of the values required for a bright future is industry, innovation, courage, honor and duty.

We don’t know how this phase that we’re going through will end. It could end with the utter collapse of the U.S. as we know it, to be replaced with somebody else who haven’t forgotten or even somebody else who will fail too, but in the long run it is inevitable that the values that we, The Remnant, stand for will prevail. WE may not live to see it, although we will spend every ounce of energy remaining to us making sure that we will, but we can rest assured that it will happen. Eventually.

It is inevitable. Because we hold the might, and might makes right. It’s only a matter of time.

What OUR duty is to hold on to that, to pass it on to others, those who will carry the torch when we’re gone if we fail to do it in our lifetimes, to remind everybody what it means to be free, to be The Remnant, the seed for future liberty.

If we manage THAT, we cannot fail.

If we can NOT manage even that, then we’re not really The Remnant at all.

Have faith. Keep fighting. Stay honorable. Play the long game.

We’ll win.

We can’t lose.

Stay strong. You can’t stop the signal. You can’t stop fate.

There is an arc of history, only it’s not the inane blather that weaklings like the jug-eared freak currently in the White House babble about. All we have to do is stay strong and remember that nothing that we do is for us, we are but pieces on the chessboard of inevitability and, if we want to be remembered well, we’ll play our parts well.

Non nobis, non nobis, Domine
Sed nomini tuo da gloriam.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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