And, now that the Supreme Whores have started hearing the Hobby Lobby case, there’s no shortage of clowns. And quite a few on them are Supreme Whores themselves. Of course, we all know that the outcome depends solely on how big of a bribe/threat the Obama Junta is willing to throw in “Justice” Roberts’ general direction as was the case when he deemed ObamaCare not a tax in order to hear it and make a decision on it and then, immediately, deemed it a tax in order to call it “Constitutional.”

But still, it’s fun to poke fun at idiots, so why not (h/t to Hot Air and their daily quotes).

The Supreme Court’s conservative justices sharply criticized part of President Obama’s healthcare law Tuesday, suggesting they will rule later this year that requiring Christian-owned corporations to offer their employees contraceptives coverage violates the freedom of religion.

They’d rule that requiring Christian-owned corporations to violate their 1st Amendment protected rights to freedom of religion violates their 1st Amendment protected rights to freedom of religion? Seriously? That would be…

Entirely logical but, then again, His Imperial Majesty doesn’t speak liberal fascist so well anymore, so perhaps we’re missing some “nuance.”

“Your reasoning would permit requiring profit-making corporations to pay for abortions,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy told U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, who defended the contraceptives provision of the Affordable Care Act.

Indeed, the entire ObamaCare act is a violation of every single right we can think of as it requires everybody to buy something that they may or may not be interested in at all, but your fellow “justice” Roberts already made the Constitution null and void with his act of treason, so who cares? Other than 100 million gun-owning, pissed off Americans, that is.

The administration’s lawyer warned that the court would be adopting a “dangerous principle” if it gave employers a right to exempt themselves from federal laws based on their religious beliefs…

Said “dangerous principle” also known as the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Those damn extremist, wingnut Founding Fathers!

Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg staunchly defended the coverage requirement. Sotomayor questioned under what circumstances a for-profit company can claim religious intent.

“Who says it? The majority of shareholders? The corporate officers?” she asked. “Let’s assume just a business that sells 5 percent of religious books, doesn’t play Christmas music… works on Sunday, does nothing else religiously.”

Turns out the “Wise Latina” has all of the wisdom of a hysterical mob of superstitious witch burners. Color us supremely unsurprised. Who says it, you stupid twat? It doesn’t matter. Anybody who has a religious belief can, under the First Amendment, refuse to comply with something that violates his beliefs. Period end stop. Whether it be the shareholders or the board of directors doesn’t matter one flying goat shit.

Try reading for comprehension, you illiterate imbecile. The only thing that matters is that the individual(s) who are being forced to violate their religious beliefs are the ones refusing to do so. Game over, you communist cunt.

Justice Elena Kagan also vigorously defended the coverage rule, arguing that Hobby Lobby and Conestoga were not being forced to provide insurance coverage and could simply choose not to by paying $2,000 per year per employee—an amount far lower than the cost of health insurance…

Christ on a crutch. Where did we dig up THIS window-licking whackjob? No, of course they’re not being forced to pay for their employee’s contraception. They can, after all, “choose” to screw their employees by cutting their benefits altogether, at which point they’ll be forced to pay a fine to FedGovCo AND lose whatever competitive edge they might have had by offering some bennies to their employees. See? They have “options”. No force involved. How’s this, Elena? You can either blow the Imperial Member OR you can hand over $2,000 to us. That’s not coercion or force, because you have “options.”

We’re beginning to understand the Emperor Caligula. If the Senate had been infected by the antique equivalent of liberal idiots, that is. Appointing a horse to the Senate couldn’t possibly be worse than appointing this cow to the Supreme Court.

Seriously, Elena. The next time you get a yeast infection, do consider not treating it. Sure, it will be uncomfortable as the fungus multiplies, but just keep in mind that each itching sensation is a reminder that your body, as a whole, just doubled its IQ.

“One religious group could opt out of this and one religious group could opt out of that, and everything would be piecemeal and nothing would be uniform,” Kagan warned.

We’re screwed! Anarchy! We’d end up with a crazy situation where individuals were allowed to make decisions as individuals! People would be free to follow their conscience! Pretty soon we’d have anarchists roaming the streets screaming about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (and Property), rather than just meekly slipping on their one-size-fits-all government-issue hemp unitard in the morning and going off to perform their government-assigned duties for the day.


Seriously again, Elena. Brown just doesn’t work on you. You have to have a different body for that look to really rock.

[A]llowing private employers to excuse themselves from health insurance and employment law could go much further than just contraception and reproductive health services. Allowing any private employer to dictate which laws fit inside its religious beliefs could upset the necessary balance of both religious liberty and employee health and safety laws.

Send us a courier when some employer out there states that wearing a helmet on a construction site violates their religious beliefs. Until then kindly shut up. We’re not talking about religious fanatics requiring steel workers to run the smelters naked here. We’re talking about forcing somebody to pay for somebody else’s rubbers which, presumably, they won’t be using on company time.

Not that it would matter, really. You see, in a free society employers would be allowed to do just that. Of course, they’d most likely have a hard time finding employees willing to follow those dictates, but they most certainly would have the right to put themselves out of business.

Depending on the exact ruling, any for-profit corporation could cut off its employees’ insurance coverage for blood transfusions, vaccinations or HIV treatment — all of which some Americans have religious objections to. Any critical health coverage the boss doesn’t agree with could be eliminated.

That’s right! Smell it! It’s the smell of… LIBERTY! And you know who those employees would be working for? The competitor across the street who WOULD pay for all of that. Or they might just, *gasp* *horror*, choose to pay for it themselves! Imagine that kind of anarchy. A society in which people earned money to buy what they wanted based on their own preferences instead of insisting that somebody else had to pay for their “rights.”

It’s not that hard to imagine, even though it gets more difficult as you get older. It’s what we used to have, before we made the one cardinal mistake of all failed societies in history: We failed to kill off the socialists. And now we’re dying of the socialist cancer. Hopefully some future generation will learn from our mistake.

See a socialist? Kill it. Do it now. Don’t delay. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your descendants.

And let’s not even get started on the loony leftist fascists’ howls that Hobby Lobby’s refusal to pay for somebody else’s consequence-free sex is tantamount to violating somebody’s reproductive “rights.”

Here’s a hint for you, cupcakes: Your reproductive rights (without sarcasm quotes), be you of the male or female persuasion, can be summed up thusly: You have a right not to reproduce, same as you have a right to reproduce. That’s it. Konyets. No more. Full stop. Whether you choose to exercise that right by not having sex at all or by only having sex in ways that won’t result in reproduction is up to you. That, too, is your right to choose between.

What you do NOT have a right to is to demand that somebody else pays for your choice.

You see, a right, a true right, is something that doesn’t hurt anybody else and/or doesn’t require anybody else’s contribution. Anything that does not in the least bit inconvenience, effect or otherwise interfere with another individual’s rights can be a right. You’re born with that (unless your parents were liberal fascists, in which case you most likely weren’t born at all. You’d be kindling in a liberal fascist hospital’s furnace by now, but you’re obviously not reading this).

You do NOT have a “right” to contraception, you do NOT have a “right” to food, you do NOT have a “right” to healthcare, you do NOT have a “right” to affordable housing, you do NOT have a “right” to free screenings of whatever dreck Hollywood produced last week.

What you DO have is a right to spend your money on all of the above and, if you do not have the money, to try to earn it.

So take your “right” to free Trojans and shove it up your pee holes.

Meanwhile, His Imperial Majesty will do his damndest to ensure that whatever actual rights remain to us in the U.S.S.A. don’t get taken away from us and that anybody who tries to violate those rights meets up with an… unpleasant end.


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