People really ARE this stupid?????


Words fail me……

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LC Gunsniper

I wager those same idiots would give up plenty of their personal info if asked by a petitioner.


Yes, people ARE that stupid, which is why the power structure in Connecticut is beginning to panic. :em06:


They’ve had people happily sign up to ban water and women signing up on a women’s campus to end women’s suffrage.

Yes. They’re that stupid.


Igor, Imperial Booby

Kolledge Edumacashun, don’cha know…

“In Days of Old when Knights were Bold
and teachers weren’t yet invented,
you’d go to School and be a Fool,
and come out at 3 o’clock, contented.”

Things haven’t changed much, eh?

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.

Yes, to an unfortunate degree they are. :em08:


I dealt with the stupids my way today. I went to my range and broke in my new Ruger SR45. 150 rounds of 230 grain happiness and I was ready to do another 150. With my 1911 I’m usually looking for my shooting gloves after 50 rounds. The range was packed. Non-members had a three hour wait. Being a member,… Read more »

Lady M-ITT™-Imperial Sniper G.L.O.R

Thankfully it’s been a long time since I have personally encountered one of these subspecies. Which explains the reason I am not in jail. I would find it impossible not to attempt to slap some small amount of sense into those empty craniums. :em08:


Y’all have probably seen some of Jay Leno’s walkabouts where he has a crew go out in LA and film how abysmally ignorant EVERYONE out there is. Hmmmm: maybe that’s part of why the network wanted to retire him? Also, remember Howard Stern’s expose of the idiotic Obama voters who endorsed him for holding all those conservative positions (which they… Read more »


The only people panicking on Conn are the politicos. From the nephew: Then there was this…. The gun owners ain’t the only folks with a literal target painted on them. The legislature is freaking the hell out, screaming for 24/hour police protection, and frankly, the overall attitude right now is “Come and take them.” The second they start… Read more »


HempRopeAndStreetlight @ #: They ain’t rich federalies who can afford former spec ops security. One thing no one really mentions about a security detail. What happens when they are the ones being targeted first? Since they are in the way, they end up being “Removed” It doesn’t matter if your Blackwaters best or the Secret Service. You may be guarding… Read more »


angrywebmaster @ #: It’s about time TPTB in Connecticut started panicing about something. Worst economic growth in the country last year, the ONLY state with negative GDP, and I have the misfortune to be in the SE corner, which has the worst economy in the state. I’ve been unemployed for almost 4 months, and there are NO jobs. If I… Read more »

Lady M-ITT™-Imperial Sniper G.L.O.R

I seem to recall Lawdog with a tale of how he and his brother got folks to help protest to save the naugas.

Glad to know someone tried to save them from extinction. I seem to recall just about everything in the 70’s were made from nauga hides. :em05: