ObamaCare Getting a Body Count

But don’t anybody dare say “death panel”, because that’s just so, so, EXTREMIST AND VISIGOTHY, you hating haters.

This Wednesday, my little sister, Julie, will be buried. She died because she delayed seeking health care for what turned out to be a catastrophic condition after her private health insurance policy was cancelled because of Obamacare.

That’s just a vicious, raycissss LIE. Dear Leader himself stated, over and over again, that anybody who liked their plan and doctor could keep their plan and doctor! What are you, a secret undercover Kochhhhhh operative or something? Obviously she died because she didn’t like her plan, because otherwise she could have never lost it.

As she waited for a new Obamacare-approved policy to kick in, her condition deteriorated to the point that it was too late.

Julie, her husband, and four children were covered by a medical plan they liked, and had been promised they could keep by President Obama. But like so many others in this country, her family’s private health care policy was cancelled because of the Affordable Care Act ObamaCare.

So? This is what you voted for, America. Now enjoy it. We warned you, over and over again, warned you for almost two decades, but you didn’t give a flying shit about what those of us who actually KNEW what we were talking about were saying. So you went ahead and stuck your collective, ignorant dick in the blender anyway.

Don’t be crying to us, y’hear?

Oh, and you might want to put some ice on that.


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We warned you, over and over again, warned you for almost two decades, 100 years.

There, fixed it for you.

These vermin wholeheartedly believe Comrade Stalin’s axiom that one death is a tragedy a million deaths is a statistic, so all they need is 999,999 more deaths before the 52ers can go back to watching American Idol and pretending everything’s just fine.

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.
LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.

When? When do we hold these idiots accountable? When will we make them pay for their crimes?


Being an insurance broker who handles the health insurance needs for several large national associations, I have been having a grand time reminding butt hurt liberals that this is the change they voted for….they should be ecstatic. Most in turn tell me that it’s the insurance companies fault. I nod my head and remind them that it was a HHS… Read more »

Igor, Imperial Booby
Igor, Imperial Booby

watchyerlane @ #4: No, no no, Mein Freund, it is the Insurance Industry to blame, just ask any Liberal! After all, Uncle O-bam-bam assured us many times that we could keep our insurance/doctor if we liked it/them. And why would Fearless Leader not tell us the truth, huh? Huh?!? A classic example of… well. just about everything the Libtards touch.… Read more »