What was that sound? Me. Whacking a hornet nest.

So now that I’ve gone and done that…..At one point in the recent post that went some 190+ replies and featured an all out virtual version of a PayPerView  WWE cage match I made the following comment:

I must be slipping behind the times, as I for one, like Niki, didn’t even know what the hell “TNB” meant – but I will posit that until the “culture” of the inner cities where the murder rates are sky rocketing – gang violence is epidemic – out of wedlock births are the norm, then the simple fact of the matter is that same self “culture” in fact is helping to perpetuate that sort of thing all on it’s own. Add in a resentment of people who probably are seeing their tax dollars go down a black hole, and all the while things continually grow worse and worse in the all sorts of “communities” – and you just kick started the “racism” nuclear reactor.

While I am on the subject of “resentment”, While taken from what I see as the wrong side of the ideological divide – Obama wasn’t completely wrong with his “bitter clingers” remarks. There IS bitterness in areas of the country like the rust belt and deep south. Is it racism ? That’s probably a stretch, but does that “bitterness” in turn help to foster racism… you can bank on it.

But where Obama is wrong, he has to couch it differently not just as a “white bible thumper” issue, because it cuts both ways. To be stereo typical here – Blacks in the rust belt are every fucking bit just as bitter as any white in the south, because of things like diminished economic opportunity. So they blame the “White man” for “keeping them down”. The White Man looks at 60 years of “social justice” and “war on poverty” as the abject failures that they have become and …bing….blames the Black for being a bunch of “TNB’s”, and ……your racism reactor hums right along merrily with power to spare, sadly…..because we have an idjit like Obama on center stage saying STUPID shit and the gullible eat it up with a spoon. *snip*

Now – after some heavy back and forth between people some whom I greatly respect, some I simply nod and say hello to- although admittedly have never met, I thought that I had said my opinion and I had nothing more to add. But….

I’ve thought that through some more and now, I’ve realized that maybe I do in fact have some more things to add to that various topic.

Anyhow, The entire argument can be divided into pretty much 2 viewpoints or “camps” if you will  – was the word or Internet Slang used by a poster “TNB” Racist?

Camp A. Says firmly it was without a doubt “Racisim”

Camp B. Says no, it doesn’t meet the criteria for actual “Racisim”.

Side note here : I’m purposely withholding posters names – not so much in an effort to protect anyone, but more in an effort that a casual passerby would get curious and go to the aforementioned thread and read it and it’s comments in it’s entirety – since the concept of the reputation of the blog was also a topic of discussion. In other words – More or less, I’m trying to get one to digest the entire scope of the argument and view first hand what was said, then draw whatever conclusions. Minus the devolution into the Penis jokes. Of course.

Now – what provoked this add on post is taking a day and digesting some of what was said and giving it some thought – Oh there was a 3-4 hour period of sleep – some actual work, a nice afternoon nap – and then time spent watching the Steelers Kick some Cheesehead ass in the frozen waste land known as Lambough Field …Neener. (If that doesn’t provoke a flame war on here – you all need to head to the retirement home and start gumming your toast and talking to long dead relations.)

I digress – No, what provoked this post, and probably will send that Nuclear Reactor called Racism back into a near melt down was the realization that – there’s a whole lot of  (in my view) “if standards are good – double standards are even better” going on. And it’s happened here numerous times, as well as on individual blogs, and it seems to be an accepted practice just about anywhere.

Various Posters in Camp A, whom again – I have deep respect for, went critical mass over the use of the short hand “TNB”

Take note here as well, I’m not taking a side, rather, I consider the source of where that particular term came from, and well frankly it isn’t, IMO really worth even a second glance. Monkeys flinging poo at the zoo may prove vastly more entertaining – if not a bit more messy.

Yet all the same, a few clicks and some reading find some folks firing off nuclear tipped salvos with terms like “Redneck” in it. Again, here on this very site, and on other sites associated here as well as out in the “real world” it seems A-okay when the term “Redneck” is employed with out so much as nary a raised eyebrow.

Wait, let me get this straight. “TNB” is racist but calling a white man “Redneck” isn’t?  Anyone care to explain to me just how that works?

Doesn’t that smack of a double standard here?

Or do we go down that rabbit hole of “it can’t be racist because it is only used about white people”?

Frankly I am oft times rather rankled to see it, and have been in the past on here, because again, I have deep abiding respect for most of the posters – and I expected better – from those that lit off this Nuclear conflagration. But at the same time – I had the “if you’re going to talk the talk you need to walk the walk” moment as well.

Calling someone “Redneck” is racist. Turning around and nuking someone for the same thing directed at a another race is, to put it gently, a double standard.

Lest I am misunderstood …. I’m not here to pass judgement – if I did, then I did without malice, but the BLUF here (Milspeak for “Bottom Line Up Front), is simply,  careful how high in that ivory tower you climb, the higher you get, the further you may fall.

And Oh, by the way, before the “whiny sissy-boi” “Grow a pair” long knives come out, yes, I seized on one single racial term, “RedNeck” and yes I am ‘White’ and said it was just as bad as “TNB”, but go on, call me a redneck, a hillbilly, monkey, white trash, nigger, spic, mullet head, wetback, mick, faggot, cracker, ugly, bastard, pussy, dick, cock, bitch, honky, wop, motherfucker, fuckhead, fucker, fat, skinny, skinhead, whore, man-whore, slut, dork, dweeb, nerd, Nazi, Jew, rag-head….. I could go on for probably hundreds of words, some not in English even, (since after 20 years abroad I can cuss you out in almost dozen languages…Yay me!)…. But feel free. Have at it.

You know why? You don’t sign my paycheck, and you don’t pay my bills,  so I could give a damn. And even if you DID? I probably still wouldn’t give a gnats ass …..Quite frankly, the whole “hurtful words” schtick is WAY over-hyped emoting and utter nonsense as far as I am concerned – There are even words and phrases .. many of them like “Knee Grow” nonsensical and meaningless yet it’s offensive? Who comes up with this crap, really?

Alas, In a polite society – none of them would ever be uttered ever again, no matter in what context. People would be dare I say it, be more “enlightened” and considerate especially when behind the anonymity of a keyboard ….but what the fuck do you expect when we live is a cesspool madhouse where Miley Cyrus humping a wrecking ball and Brittany Spears flashing her well used beaver is considered news, or the height of entertainment….

It’s about the Boobs! er, I mean principle folks. That’s all.


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