You just can’t make this stuff up… One has to wonder – is this damn law so unpopular that even drug dealers are making mock of it now?

Bags of Heroin labeled “Obama Care”

Random Thoughts on “Obama Care”:

  • Damn, can’t a body even get high anymore without King Bammy sticking his nose in?
  • Obama Care – Now with even more addiction !
  • Obama Care – That shit will kill you man!!
  • Obama Care – Now with a death panel in every bag !
  • Obama Care – The Horse with a Jackass Name
  • Obama Care – Recommended by 4 out of 5 Junkies!
  • Obama Care – Wrecking lives since 2010!
  • Obama Care – The opiate of the masses!

Just saw that over at Thought it was funny- in a sad sort of way I suppose. But anyhell- its the weekend, and after the last few day’s battles, I thought I’d put up an open thread. Have at it.


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