We’re not going to argue for a nanosecond about McShitStain being a lying, backstabbing, worthless Manchurian traitor by voting to take away the benefits of disabled vets, which he did. What we, like our friend Bill Quick, DON’T get is why anybody is acting so surprised and outraged about it.

McShitStain is a narcissistic, treasonous, backstabbing piece of shit. It’s what they DO.

Babette Maxwell, founder of Military Spouse magazine, has called out Sen. John McCain of Arizona, a disabled Vietnam veteran, for voting on the budget deal, which slashes pensions for military personnel.

“Shockingly, a disabled veteran took money away from disabled veterans. He’s one of us,” Maxwell told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

He is? In that case, we’re proud to NOT be “one of you.” Because we’re NOT a guy who mysteriously survived years of treatment that killed better men, only to come back home to enact and agenda that fit to a tee the agenda of our former captors. Hmmm… We’re ALSO not somebody who kicked the wife who’d stayed faithful to us for years, not knowing that we’d never make it back or whether we were even alive, to the curb because we didn’t want to be chained to a cripple and, anyways, we had political ambitions and this rich babe had the money we needed. Which the cripple who’d been faithful to us hadn’t.

We’re none of those things, and we’re fiercely proud of that.

You’re shocked that a traitor who has spent his entire all too long life betraying everybody and everything every single time there was even a smidgen of personal gain for him involved betrayed you?


Are you fucking RETARDED?

Or just from Arizona, but we repeat ourself. Thanks a fuckload, Arizona.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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