Somebody please ask us if the Jugears Administration is really this stupid:


We mean… Are they TRYING to make themselves look like complete idiots? An allegedly adult male. In a ONESIE???

His Imperial Majesty’s testosterone level dropped by three orders of magnitude just looking at that picture, so Merry Christmas, Your Highness, no nookie until 2024. But we can knit you a sweater or give you a manicure instead.

You can say what you want about ProgSocialists, but they have the most unintentionally hilarious ideas about what constitutes “outreach.” And they also just bombed the U.S. birthrate for the next decade, because any previously functional male is now too busy trying to make his little feller come out just to pee to waste any time even thinking about procreation.

Ah, we get it. THAT’S the ProgTard idea of “Free Birth Control”. That guy. Guess what? They’re brilliant, because it works.

That permed hipster and his horn-rimmed glasses drinking hot chocolate in a onesie would make a horny sailor 9 months out of port lose his mojo, he would make Hugh Hefner become a monk, his effeminate visage will sterilize bunny rabbits at four hundred paces… As a matter of fact: If you should experience erections lasting four hours or more after using Viagra™, JUST LOOK AT THAT PICTURE!

As long as you’re fine with not having another throbber for a few years at least.

On the other hand, it does visualize the whole concept of ProgTardianism rather well, doesn’t it?

Legally adult, yet wrapped in the comfort of an over-sized toddler jammie, snuggling a soothing cup of chocolate in his widdle hands. Infantilized for life, safe in the embrace of the Glorious Neutered Utopia of Next Tuesday™.

Yep. That about sums it up, doesn’t it?


UPDATE: We may just die laughing (via Western Rifle Shooters Association and thanks to a tip from LC HempRopeAndStreetlight:



By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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