First off, the rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated. It’s just that it’s the season to be unable to do anything other than pretending to have fun and, of course, catching up with what corporate procrastinated about all year long until they realized that years don’t bend to the will of overpaid, underworked CEOs who sucked the dicks/slurped the vaginas of the right people. Because if they have any other qualifications, they’re not readily apparent to any sentient beings.

But back to the subject of the post. The recent shooting at Arapahoe High. The shooting that ended in one actual human being shot. As opposed to the mass murders usually happening in Progressive Gun Free No Bag Limit Zones. Because there was an armed deputy (progressive howl ‘boo, hiss!’) at the scene, so the perp ended up suck starting his own shotgun instead. How horrible. How is Obama and his progressive socialists ever going to advance a dictatorial disarmament agenda if the armed people keep saving lives?

Better make Heinrich Holder murder another few hundred Mexicans. For the Common Good.

But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst, if wholly expected part, was the local progressive propaganda rag, the Denver Marxist, immediately editing out the political affiliation of the would-be murderer once they realized that he was a socialist. OH NOES, mustn’t disturb the narrative. Granted, it took them a while to edit it out, they had to finish masturbating to their progressive fantasies about children being murdered by Evil Right Wingers first, but they certainly lived down to their reputation.

“Isolated incident”, we hear the progressive/marxist/socialist apologists howling. Yeah, isolated like this.

Never happened before.

It’s not like the progressive/liberal fascist swine ever got it wrong before. Not above 100% of the time, anyway.

Have you killed a progressive today? If not, why not? They’re not really that hard to kill if you have the opportunity. They’re guaranteed to not fight back because they can’t and it’s not like anybody is going to miss them.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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