Old Guard. They Never Retreat

But they DO need to EAT.

Bill Quick, you may know him as the guy who coined “Blogosphere”, or you may just know him as a guy as cantankerously unapologetic as ourself, could use a hand.

This blogging stuff doesn’t just do itself, you know.

We’ve already done our bit. If you can help out too, it would be great!
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September 22, 2013 14:25

As long as one person took it off OT, why not me? Could we please discuss what’s going on in Kenya? It seems callous to ignore it.

LC Gladiator
LC Gladiator
September 22, 2013 18:32


Imperial Grammar Nazi, G.L.O.R
Imperial Grammar Nazi, G.L.O.R
September 22, 2013 18:36

Misha, As much as I would like to help Bill, I just found out that my “affordable” healthcare is going from 279/mth (which I could afford, but it was tight), to 445 for a comparable policy. The CHEAPEST of their plans is 400 (which I still can’t afford.) In addition, I do not qualify for a subsidy, so my choices… Read more »