No Offense to the GLORS.

Choochoo Joe’s “buy a shotgun” advice is demonstrated in action. BTW, can someone please tell the “man” interviewing Plugs to buy some big boy underwear cuz the ones he’s wearing now are making him sound like a queer soprano.




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LC Old Dog
LC Old Dog (@jmiked)
February 26, 2013 21:40

crunchie, was there supposed to be a link in there somewhere?

LC Old Dog
LC Old Dog (@jmiked)
February 26, 2013 22:31

No Problem, I figured Jarhead and more than two keystrokes!

///Pops three colors of smoke, changes direction four times and screams for extract! :em05:

February 26, 2013 22:49

I have used this training technique with my female family members for years now. What I’ve done, though, is when they fire the warning shots, they are to run from the house and hit a hidden switch that I’ve cleverly installed that will totally raze the house and bring the entire structure down on top of their assailants. As you… Read more »

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.
LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E. (@cmblake6)
February 27, 2013 09:17

No, no, no, “Plugs” said a double barrel. Pump shotguns with pistol grips are non government approved assault weapons!

LC IB CiSSnarl5.7 Imperial Foreign War Correspondent
LC IB CiSSnarl5.7 Imperial Foreign War Correspondent (@cissnarl57)
February 27, 2013 09:22

Living in a van, down by the river, in a pop up camper gives them an extra avenue of escape.

That’s pure comedy gold there… :em05: :em05:

BigDogg - Imperial Thread Killer (ITK)
BigDogg - Imperial Thread Killer (ITK) (@bigdogg)
February 27, 2013 09:48

I don’t care who you are, that’s some funny shit right there.

LC PrimEviL
LC PrimEviL (@gahaze)
February 27, 2013 11:56

Once again, Biden proves that he is a reality-disconnected idiot. As the video plainly points out,
many women can’t handle the recoil from a 12ga. shotgun, but can handle a poodle-shooter.

To think this clueless ass is VP. *urk, ack, gork*

February 27, 2013 12:00

BigDogg says: I don’t care who you are, Biden’s gaffes come from his innate ability to plagiarize and misquote the stupid. As for me, I’m just one of millions of unregulated militia. My legacy is vested in the future through my children and their progeny. Their future will be set on the outcome of this war to rid ourselves of… Read more »

bruce (@bruce)
February 27, 2013 14:03

was plugs in the shining?

HempRopeAndStreetlight (@hempropeandstreetlight)
February 27, 2013 14:55

That’s just an example of the quality employees your Imperial Taxes pay for.

Damn cut-rate Kamino clones. This is what happens when your guns troops are made by the lowest bidder…

February 28, 2013 13:16

Nice, to the point ad for the Huldra AR-15. Includes succinct anti-gun control commentary and comparison range tests to a Huldra AR15 vs 12ga w/00 buckshot.