And To All of You ProgNazi Democrat Fucks

…yammering about how you “don’t really need a gun because most people never find themselves in a position where they could have used it”, here’s a thought: (Yes, we know. “thought”. How fucking scary is THAT to a brain-washed drone of the Nanny State?)

Most people don’t have their houses burned down by freak lightning, yet most people still insist on carrying insurance against just such an event, just in case.

So we suppose that we should outlaw homeowners’ insurance as well?

Fuck you, you filthy fascist fuckheads.


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angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)
February 21, 2013 17:45

I wrote my concresscritter about these idiotic and unconstitutional gun grabs. This is the moonbat’s reply: February 21, 2013 Dear Angry Webmaster, (I changed the name) Thank you for reaching out to me with your views about proposed changes to our nation’s gun laws. Listening to my constituents is a fundamental part of my job as it helps me to… Read more »

LC Moriarty, Imperial Goatherd
LC Moriarty, Imperial Goatherd (@lc-moriarty)
February 21, 2013 19:46

… and rids our streets of military-style assault weapons.

So she’s in favor of disarming the police and the Secret Service. I wonder how they feel about that.

I am a firm believer in the right to keep and bear arms enshrined in the Second Amendment.

Oh wait. She’s a hypocrite and a liar. Nevermind.

Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere
Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere (@blackiswhite)
February 21, 2013 21:34

Annie needs to be made to explain what part of “…shall not be infringed.” is so difficult to understand.

Mark12A (@mark12a)
February 22, 2013 08:54

Geez, AW. The response to her you put in your post seemed clear and succinct. Go with it.

angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)
February 22, 2013 09:15

Mark12A @ #:

Geez, AW. The response to her you put in your post seemed clear and succinct. Go with it.

Oh, I intend to write something up later today. First comes that work stuff. Must pay the ammo bills after all. :em01:

LC SecondMouse
LC SecondMouse (@secondmouse)
February 22, 2013 13:07

angrywebmaster @ #5: Might I suggest: Dear (insert some form of salutation here – I don’t recommend ‘dungbeetle’ if you want the letter to be read); While I appreciate your response to my concerns, I must register my further consternation. First, I am perplexed by the series of contradictions present in your reply. For example, you appear to affirm the… Read more »

angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)
February 22, 2013 14:30

LC SecondMouse @ #:
You may suggest and I may use something like this if I reply to her email directly. I’m just about to post my “Official” response on my blog.