January 2013

I love a sunburnt country

A land of sweeping plains,

Of ragged mountain ranges,

Of droughts and flooding rains.

Remember us in the heat and haze
The ones who stand and guard
No medals we, no weapons too
Save hose and boldened heart.

Remember us when night doth fall
That we remain here still
And when the flames have left their mark
Return to home and hill.


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January 18, 2013 15:55

Our thoughts and prayers to all the residents of Queensland and the tinder dry regions of Australia. May the rain gods hear and provide relief soon. Keep safe.

January 18, 2013 16:47

Thanks Brendan. The local news seems to be speaking of northern Qld. though I did see a bit on Tasmania. What a bloody mess and over that much territory. You need rain and soon but it seems to be staying to the north. Prayers.

January 18, 2013 18:39

Most of the Northern parts of the country have already burned for the year. Happens every year. You didn’t hear about that ? Guess there ain’t enough folks up here to make it a worthy news item. At any rate – we’ve two cyclones due to form up in the next couple days so here comes that flooding rain the… Read more »

January 18, 2013 19:15

This is horribly sad…….my mother born and raised in Australia…….half my ancestry…….my prayers to those people.

January 19, 2013 04:42

Yeah . Nothing personal man , but those of us living outside the South eastern arc – that is from south of Gympie AND east of the Great Divide – tend to get somewhat sick of our elected leaders (this includes the so called conservatives) and media only discovering that we exist when it is an election year or there… Read more »

Lady M-ITT™-Imperial Sniper G.L.O.R
Lady M-ITT™-Imperial Sniper G.L.O.R
January 19, 2013 10:32

Prayers going up.

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.
LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.
January 20, 2013 11:45

Lady M-ITT™-Imperial Sniper G.L.O.R says:

Prayers going up.
Lady M-ITT™-Imperial Sniper G.L.O.R recently posted..Today’s Thought