And back to campaign ’12 bullshit. *Sigh* Just when we thought we was out…

Apparently Gallup is noting a huge post-AbortionPalooza™ bounce for their Messiah and AllahPundit is already threatening with slitting his wrists:

President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party look as if they are getting at least a preliminary bounce from their convention. Today’s (Friday, Sept. 7) Gallup Daily tracking update puts Obama’s job approval rating at 52%, the highest it has been since May 2011, after the killing of Osama bin Laden. Obama has also moved to a 48% to 45% lead over Mitt Romney among registered voters in the election tracking, up from Obama’s 47% to 46% margin over the last nine days.

Two things here: 1) “Registered voters” are meaningless and have been for decades, yet idiots are still failing to pay attention. What you’re looking for if you want any predictive value is what likely voters say.

2) He moved from 47% to 48%??? Katie bar the fucking DOOR! Time to enter the escape shuttle, my Emperor! All is lost! Nothing left but a quick fall down to the reactor core for you! Yes, yes, yes, “7 day rolling average”, we get it. We were doing math when most of you Eeyores were still throwing your strained peas all over your mothers’ faces. We also get that after you have a fucking rock star deliver a speech, and we’re talking about Bill Clinton here who is, to a huge segment of the population, a fucking rock star, you’re bound to see some effect. Particularly when the entire Lap Dog Media which is, need we remind you?, still where most Americans get their fucking news from, keeps massaging, creatively editing and offering paeans to every word leaving his lying lips.

But just as most Americans are still tied to the umbilical cord of the Big Three (although the number is dwindling) and thus very much susceptible to the warped, carefully edited mush they mainline into American homes, they’re also guaranteed to forget as quickly as they forget last week’s episode of CSI:Tulsa OK (because we were running out of fucking location names for our spin-offs already, so shut up!) . Not because they’re “dumb”, but because they’ve got more important things to do. Such as wondering how they’re going to pay their next electricity bill or how to avoid ending up on the Bureau of Making the Incumbent Look Good’s list of “non-persons who are not unemployed because they’ve given up trying to find a job.”

That’s the sort of reality that tends to push out fleeting memories of an electrifying speech by some guy who reminds you of better times because, electrifying though it might have been, it still doesn’t power your A/C compressor that, by the way, should have been replaced two years ago but Obumfuck’s “Miracle Recovery Economy” kinda left you without a job to pay for it, so you’re just praying that it doesn’t crap out on you in the middle of summer.

But the Eeyores don’t see that, because they have become blind to what it’s like to be a non-junkie when it comes to information. And we say this as a confirmed, card-carrying, certified junkie. It’s damn easy to forget that not everybody, very few actually, mainline RSS Feeds, Twitter, and G-d knows what else 24/7 like we do, and so it’s easy to think that a temporary swing in public mood is due to the public having utterly missed that brilliant YouTube video of the Republican Congressman from Bumfuck Ohio where he totally demolished every single word that Billy Blowjob said and, by the way, who could have possibly missed that column on IHateTheFuckingDemocrats.com by renowned conservative thinker “NobodyButInfoJunkiesEvenKnowIExist MuchLessTheWebsiteIPostOn”? It’s clearly not working! We’re DOOMED, DOOMED I tell you!

Calm. The Fuck. Down!

Running an insurgency, being of the fringe of the Established Narrative™ means being fucking patient, and we speak with some authority as having been a conservative shouting into the wind in a nation where conservatism wasn’t a word you even dared mention in polite company when we were young. It has changed. Thanks to patience. Nobody reads our screeds except people who already agree with us, but that’s not the point. Those people then take what we say and bring it to people who might not agree with us. Those people then, in turn, realize that they’re not alone in their dissatisfaction with The Narrative™ and take what they learned to others still. And thus a preference cascade is started.

But it takes time. The good news is that the realization that you’re not alone is not fleeting. So when the carpet bombardment of propaganda is over and you’ve had time to look at what your life is really like, you will remember what you learned from your friends and coworkers, which is that you’re not alone. And no matter what you may or may not have said to a pollster to avoid being “confrontational” or just said because you were temporarily fired up by a good speech, the only thing that matters is what you do when you’re in that little booth, all by yourself, nobody to look at you or judge you. Nobody will ever know. You can say whatever the fuck you like once you leave the booth and, judging by the success of “exit polls” in the past, you WILL. All that matters is what you did in there.

So cut it out already.

The fact that Billy Blowjob got more viewers than Paul Ryan is meaningless. To anybody but us, Paul Ryan is “that guy who’s in, what is it, Congress or the Senate? Who knows, I’ve got to make dinner and I need to check that engine of mine that’s been idling rough” and Bill Clinton is “the guy who was in office while the dot.com tech bubble was booming and who’s a fucking rock star and, besides, I had a job back then and just bought a new house.”

Who the fuck do you expect that the average American will tune in to during the one thing that is more annoying than your annual prostate exam to most Average Joes, which is election season, rather than spend time with his or her family?

But, again, next week the bills will start rolling in again and you’ll be reminded of just how fucked you are and who is president right now, and you may just find yourself thinking “maybe it’s time to give somebody else a shot?”

What do you, poor Eeyore pundits, think will have the larger impact?

There’s a reason why we call it the “October Surprise” rather than, say, the “February Surprise”, and it’s going to take one heck of a surprise for Joe and Susan Main Street to forget that mortgage payment they’re three months behind on come November thanks to Teh Lightbringer’s™ workers’ paradise of Next Tuesday™.

Calm. Down.

Keep fighting.

It took the damn socialists decades to create the clusterfuck we’re in now and you’re going to throw in the towel because you think you can’t turn the tide in a YEAR?

You’re beginning to sound like the whiny-arse entitled Flucks of society, you know.

Ni Shagu Nazad! Tolko Vpered!

Time to put those slogans to some GOOD use for a change!


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September 7, 2012 17:42

I don’t know where I saw/heard it but it was noted that if Obongos pigment was, how do we put this delicately…lighter, he would be in the low 30s if not lower. After all who wants to risk an SEIU rent-a-mob showing up on their door step. Unless, of course, you already have your range cards filled out, aiming stakes… Read more »

LC Gunsniper
LC Gunsniper
September 7, 2012 19:18

Any bounce will dissipate like a fart in a hurricane. jugears isn’t the recipient of that bit of swooning anyway, it’s was for the serial rapist and professional bullshitter.

September 7, 2012 20:13

I’ve seen that horrid ad with Bill telling us to vote for Ø as the only one who has a plan that will get us back to work twice this evening. This is on TNT, on a local cable company, in Connecticut. I’ve got the Politico page with the polls bookmarked; for some reason the CT polls are over a… Read more »

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches
September 7, 2012 20:50


Leave it to a robot to sum it up best!

LC Gunsniper
LC Gunsniper
September 7, 2012 22:21

LibraryGryffon @ #3:

Saw that ad here in Kenosha Wisconsin earlier this evening on Syfy. Ain’t gonna help jugears one bit.

September 8, 2012 03:57

We have a saying in the South: “By the yard it’s hard — by the inch it’s a cinch.” Along the lines o’ bein’ patient and all. 😉 Given time, a blade of grass will grow through concrete. If we cultivate the mindset of giving them the death of a thousand little cuts, we will prevail, because our ideas are… Read more »

September 8, 2012 07:03

i quit believing any thing that the government controlled media has to say in 1968 because what they were saying did not match what i was seeing and doing.

September 8, 2012 09:00

LC Gunsniper @ #: Since I haven’t seen an Obama ad on SyFy here, that helps convince me that they are regional buys, which is further bolsters the idea that this election isn’t going to be a cakewalk for the Ds. I wonder if I e-mailed Billy Jeff if he could let me in on what this wondrous “plan” of… Read more »