Using the Powers of Evil for Good

First, however, your official content warning: No, it’s definitely not NSFW, it’s just that if you haven’t yet been infected by that most intractable of viral ear worms, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me, Maybe”, then maybe you would be better off NOT starting the video below.

If, however, you have already been infected, there’s no hope for you anyway, so you might as well enjoy as the below parody makes vicious fun of the Occupy Anything But a Job moochers:


You have been warned.


OK, so it isn’t. It’s considered good form to always post the original along with a parody, so here goes. Besides, we have to admit that the original video is at least moderately funny (in a cute, bubblegum pop sort of way) with a funny twist at the end. And if we have to suffer just because we made the mistake of turning on the radio at the wrong moment, then so must you.


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lc purple raider
lc purple raider (@lc-purple-raider)
June 23, 2012 00:36

Never heard of this Jepson person. Nice tune, but it’s not In-A-Gadda-Va-Vida.

Oh, and Foist.

LC BU1 IMotBP (@lc-bu2-lander)
June 23, 2012 06:08

Why, all of a sudden, can I not see any videos that are being linked/embedded here, eh?