Reichsführer Ogabe Strikes Another Blow Against Israel

At some point, even the self-hating Jews who show up to vote Democrat National Socialist Workers’ Party every two years have to realize that the Jug-eared Freak, the Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure, is no friend of Israel’s.

No friend of anybody’s actually, at least not anybody who is either the United States or one of her allies, as we found out when SCOAMF, not noticing that the mic was open, assured Medvedev that he’d be happy to hand over the store to him and Vlad, as long as they’d just give him time to convince those bitter-clinging, rube U.S. voters to re-elect him.

But then we hear that some “unknown sources in U.S. diplomacy” quite unhelpfully, unless you happen to be Ahmadinnerjacket or another of SCOAMF’s pisslamist friends, leaked that Israel might have an agreement with Azerbaijan regarding use of their air bases for a strike against Ahmadinnerjacket’s Final Solution. Quite a big deal, actually, as use of Azerbaijan’s air bases, located as they are on the coast of the Caspian Sea, would allow the IAF to make a short hop, skip and a jump at low level across the Caspian and be in Tehran before the Mullahs had time to wash the goat crusts off their tiny wankers.

After the leak? Not so much, as the goat molesting pisslamist freaks of Tehran will now be giving the Caspian a lot of attention.

Heckuva job, Barry and your lawless Junta!

But don’t take our word for it. We’ll let a former USMC Strike Planner explain it. Read the whole thing, but we found his summation particularly interesting:

But giving away all of the secrets of an ally? When you’re doing that, you have to ask whether we still have Israel as an ally. We are not acting like an ally. In fact, if you ask me, based on the amount of time I expect the Israelis put in this relationship with Azerbaijan, I would start viewing this administration as an existential threat to Israel.

Interesting and depressingly accurate too.

Of course, we’ve gone from suspecting to knowing this ever since we noticed that every single thing that Mullah Obama does on the Middle Eastern scene tends to help more and more pisslamist extremist murderers get a hold of the reins of power in their respective shit holes.

Once is coincidence… You know the drill.

That anti-Semitic fuckwagon has GOT to go in November!


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I used to hope some of our brass might grow a set (plus sack) and deal with our problem but that’s not looking too likely. The Israelis seem to be plenty pissed off at the leaks from our ” ‘ear leader ” so byhaps they’d be open to taking care of a different problem before they tried to tackle Iran.… Read more »


And now Iran’s mobile air defenses are moving towards the coast of the Caspian Sea…

Possibly clearing up other approach vectors.

LC Xystus

I can see that Israel, realizing how Obi-Wrong Baracki rolls, might have developed the Azerbaijan story as a smokescreen for its real plans. This state hasn’t survived by trusting.

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.

Y’all, quiet.. All the ideas you’re having may be good ones actually, and by mentioning them the enemy learns. “Loose lips” and all that sort of thing. Just got done with my Information Security refresherm sorry.


One would suggest that any Jews who vote for Il Douche again go ahead and sew yellow Stars of David on their garments and wait around for the cattle cars.

LC Ogrrre - Imperial Heartless Bastard

Maybe Israel will do the American people a favor and send one of their hit squads to take out the Lightworker. Yes, that will leave Biden as President, but Plugs isn’t anywhere near as smart (in a weaseloid way) as Obama, nor would the DNC and the MSM (redundant, I know) be able to yell “raaaaaacism” when his policies are… Read more »

LC Ogrrre - Imperial Heartless Bastard

Yer Majestyness, Red Square at the People’s Cube has been telling it for years. Even at the start of this country, only 30% of the population supported the rebels. Another 30% supported King George, and the rest really didn’t give a damn. Ogabe and the propaganda arm of the DNC will keep pushing and keep pushing until he gets his… Read more »

Cactus Jack

Emperor Misha I says: She’s right in her sentiments, of course, but after G-d knows how many years of me, for one, doing JUST FUCKING THAT only to have the complacent, lazy, ignorant natives barely want to turn their heads away from a commercial break on Jeopardy for long enough to tell me that I’m an alarmist and that “it… Read more »


Emperor Misha I says: snip … But I’m quite frankly getting sick and tired of the desperate housewives and metrosexual “conservative” males of this country whose only battle cry is “if only somebody would SAY something.” snip … I remember that well while a child – my parents were always saying, “Why don’t THEY do something about that?” THEY did… Read more »

Bitter Clinger

I wonder just how many people in Russia, Germany, etc.. believed that it couldn’t “happen here” right up and until “(sh)it happened.” The sheeple have become such a bunch of knucle dragging fucktards, happy with their beer and football (bread and circuses anyone?) that should any of our greatest internal threats arise, they will be all too eager to believe… Read more »


ot noticing that the mic was open, assured Medvedev that he’d be happy to hand over the store to him and Vlad, as long as they’d just give him time to convince those bitter-clinging, rube U.S. voters to re-elect him.

.what did he say, exactly? Turn over the store? :em03:

Obviously, something is wrong with you. You are a brain-damaged racist bigot Message to the Racist Right: Obviously here IS something wrong with you. You are a racist, hateful, sick-demented scumbag! If you’re not a racist, you’re doing a horrible job proving you’re not, and a great job proving you are! This is without doubt a sick, sick, hateful country!… Read more »

I think he’s funny. Misha…. Easily controlled and manipulated, just press the button, they scream racism, throw tantrums and shit on the floor. Simply an attention getting device, Sire, most predictable. Most liberal losers eminently qualified for such a position. Lacking argument or intellect, they resort to invective. I saw one in the clearance rack at Wal Mart three months… Read more »