Racist “White Hispanic” Vigilante Murderer Slaying Innocent Little Child™ Narrative Unravelling [UPDATED AGAIN]

As we suspected all along but, unlike the Enemy Media™, we prefer to wait until actual facts start coming in prior to issuing a verdict like, say, the Duke Lacrosse Rapists and Sister Mangum of the Chastisty Church™ narrative that worked out so well for the Enemy Media. (h/t Ace O’ Spades):

Trayvon Martin may have attacked a Neighborhood Watch captain

before the man shot dead the unarmed teen in a gated community in Florida, an anonymous witness who spoke to police claimed yesterday.

You don’t say? Well that does sort of put a different light on the whole “racist murdering in cold blood” angle, doesn’t it? Oh, and it’s interesting that the only photos the press can get of the victim, a 6’2″ footballer, are of the “smiling 7th grader” variety. Not that it matters that much, but it’s an interesting data point.

The witness, known only as John, told Sanford police that he saw Martin on top of George Zimmerman shortly before the fatal shot that has led to a national outcry, including a huge ‘hoodie’ march in Philadelphia last night. He recounted the details to Fox 35 News in Florida.


The witness told FOX 35 in Orlando that he saw evidence of a fight between Martin and Zimmerman, which could lend credence to the gunman’s claim that he was acting in self-defence.

‘The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: “Help, help… and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,’ he said.

Zimmerman was wearing a red sweater; Martin was in a grey hoodie.

He added: ‘When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point.’

Not entirely irrelevant (and that’s a British Understatement) since that description fits nicely with the police report describing Zimmermann, post-shooting, as being bloodied on both front and back of his head and having grass stains on the back of his clothes. Not to mention that being on the ground with a 6’2″ athlete on top of you pounding the snot out of you (if that’s what happened, but we doubt that Martin was simply trying to give Zimmermann a hug) is quite a bit of a different situation, use of force-wise, to “starting a fight with somebody looking at you and then gunning him down when he walks toward you”.

But the latter version plays better in the liberal Enemy Media, not to mention with their friend Al Sharpton.

Mustn’t let facts disturb The Narrative™, don’t you know?

So far, what facts we have point toward a justified shooting, at least as far as our understanding of Florida use of lethal force statutes goes, but it’s still early.

The other narrative about the “dangers” of “vigilante” citizens patrolling their own neighborhoods the Enemy Media and any other limp-wristed fucknozzles can shove up their Khybers and spin on it. From what we know, Zimmermann was known and respected by the police as a local neighborhood watch volunteer who provided them with good information and just wanted to do his bit to lower crime in his troubled neighborhood. In this case, he did so by calling the police immediately when he noticed a suspicious individual (odd behavior if he was just a bloodthirsty vigilante out to commit murder, don’t you think?) and then following said individual so as to maintain contact until police could respond. We fail to see anything outrageous there. Zimmermann’s surveillance skills unfortunately weren’t up to the task and the suspect saw him. Again, we fail to see anything outrageous there. It would have been much better if the suspect had never noticed anything until the Blue Light Special arrived, of course, but are the hand-wringers really trying to say that we should just notify the police when we see something strange and then go hide behind a bush? Of course they are. A citizenry willing to stand up for itself is not easily controlled.

The story may change again as more data come in, but so far it looks like your garden variety “good” shoot.


UPDATE: And, thanks to the inflammatory rhetoric from Reichsführer und GröFaZ Ogabe and his wholly owned toadies in the Enemy Media, the Black Panthers are already ramping up for a full-on race war (h/t Protein Wisdom):

Yesterday afternoon at a press conference, the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense circulated a “wanted dead or alive” poster for George Zimmerman for shooting to death a Florida teenager four weeks ago.

Minister Mikhail Muhummud led the press conference, calling for the firing of Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee, the arrest of George Zimmerman and some involvement from President Obama. Muhummud stated he is the southern regional director for the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense located in Jacksonville, Florida. While Minister Muhummud fired off a list of demands and expressed outrage over the handling of the shooting and subsequent investigation; a member of the group passed flyers to about 100 people who showed up for the press conference. Muhummud told the group he was not concerned with rumors of death threats to George Zimmerman, “He should be afraid for his life.” [emphasis ours — Emp.M.]

What? We can’t pin that on Teh One™ and the Enemy Race Hustler Media, you say? That’s odd. We could have sworn that it’s not that long ago that Gabbie Giffords’ shooting was entirely due to “inflammatory rhetoric” from the right as exemplified by a poster with a cross-hair on it that the shooter hadn’t even seen.

Eat your own damn medicine, you ghoulish socialist parasites. Eat it and enjoy it.

UPDATE the Second: Oh dear. It would seem that the vigilante violence that Ogabe, the Enemy Media and the Professional Race Hustling industry has called for goes beyond a bit of “innocent” handing out “wanted, dead or alive” posters:

SANFORD — Members of the New Black Panther Party are offering a $10,000 reward for the “capture” of George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin.

New Black Panther leader Mikhail Muhammad announced the reward during a protest in Sanford Saturday. And when asked whether he was inciting violence, Muhammad replied defiantly: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

The bounty announcement came moments after members of the group called for the mobilization of 10,000 black men to capture Zimmerman, who shot Trayvon in a gated Sanford community on Feb. 26.

Muhammad said members of his group would search for Zimmerman themselves in Maitland — where the 28-year old worked before the shooting, employees there told the Orlando Sentinel. He declined to say when the group would begin their search.

Say, wasn’t there a time when publicly putting out contracts on people was, well, illegal? So why isn’t the Black SS Panthers being shut down by more Feds than you can shake a stick at while their leadership, openly operating like an organized crime outfit, is being frog marched off to jail?

Oh… We forgot. AG Heinrich “Who Gives a Shit About Dead Mexicans?” Holder… Never mind.

Mark our words, though: Every single bit of harm that may come to Zimmerman at this point is entirely, entirely Reichsführer Ogabe and the Enemy Media’s fault. Every. Single. Bit.

Good going, Mr. “Post-Racial” president, you slimy, lying, socialist fuck.

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LC Gladiator

And Obama, with his comments, just like in the Cambridge professors case, have RUINED any chance of Zimmerman being proven innocent.


LC Gladiator

WHERE was Obamas umbrage when two Black youths doused a white teenager with gas and LIT HIM ON FIRE?????


LC Gladiator

7 percent of the population commits 50% of the crime and the Democrat plantation keeps black people on their plantation while the race pimps Sharpton and Jackson continue to encourage this sense of entitlement with backing from a racist President. President has spoken out on two issues while in office…both covered the president yelling foul without having all the facts…Prof… Read more »

LC SecondMouse

Time for some real soul-searching here. If the enemy media, aided and abetted by Al “Not Too” Sharpton, conclude that they must react this way to this story, then they should also be asking themselves if their “Great Uniter” has failed in his anointed mission to bring the races together in one great nation of “hope and change”. The truth… Read more »

LC Gladiator

Want a more recent pic of the innocent child Treyvon? Try this one at My Pet Jawa –



I ‘spect the actual incident went something like this. Zim sees a guy in a hoodie walking through the(his) neighborhood. He stops his car, gets out, and asks hoodie person who he is and what he is doing in the neighborhood. Hoodie person is upset that a whitey has accosted him(whiteys are supposed to be victims) and proceeds to unload… Read more »

Lady H

Until all the facts are know, I am reserving judgement. It is too bad that the MSM has already convicted Zimmerman and are leading the lynch mobs. I cannot even go on Facebook without getting sick at all the kneejerk reactions from my friends and family about this case. Funny we didn’t hear this huge outcry when white youths were… Read more »

VonZorch Imperial Researcher

LC Gladiator says:

Want a more recent pic of the innocent child Treyvon? Try this one at My Pet Jawa –

Uh dude, that’s a photo of Zimmerman. Better try again. :em04:


Minister Mikhail Muhummud

’nuff said.

Mike M

Judge for yourself what Zimmerman says. Scroll down to the second clip and listen at about the 2:22 mark. I’ve listened to it over and over and I’m not sure what he’s saying, but it doesn’t sound like “fucking coons”. It sounds more like “fucking punks” to me.

Slightly to the right of Gingis Khan

My guess is they were both fuck nozzles. I’m not in any way comfortable with how Zimmerman handled this confrontation. Even the Pro Zimmerman news that has come out……. none of it has even hinted that he was protecting anything or anyone. My bet is he’s compensating for a little pecker and just had to be the big man with… Read more »


Oh, Bother. I posted this on the 52% thread. About the Ethiopian in the fuel supply (hat tip to the late, great W.C. Fields). Here we go again: This is a National Review article by the peerless Heather Mac Donald. With some unvarnished statistics on the Pet Race’s CRIME RATE. She wrote this after that asshole “professor” Gates was arrested… Read more »


The Leftwads have just seized on this Hispanic-on-black shooting, tried to turn it into a WHITE on black shooting, to gin up some good old fashioned race riots.

Way to go, assholes.


At Ace’s Place: This isn’t even a little funny. I had to go to two malls today in the DC metro. There is some serious tension. All the blacks have hoodies on with the hood up. I’m making my teenagers stay in. Thanks Obama. Nothing like “post racial” And a big “Hoodie March” in Philadelphia has been reported, with the… Read more »


A working link for the “child” Trayvon Martin’s photo: http://tinyurl.com/7lgjgbg

Not commenting on who’s guilty UNTIL THE FACTS ARE IN.

But the propaganda stinks.

LC Xystus

PS–If Z-man’s a white Hispanic, let’s hear no more of “Hispanic” as a non-/anti-white racial category. It’s a cultural designation & doesn’t make you a Méti!

Cannon Fodder

This shit is just out of hands in BOTH directions now. Maybe they do need to just take Mr. Zimmerman out and shoot him and be done with it all. There was a short time I thought Treyvon was wandering through a gated community where he had no business, but it appears that his father lived there. So, that is… Read more »


With the pork-eating son-of-a-whore Muhammad putting a $10K bounty on ZImmerman, and that asshole Spike Lee tweeting his address, I don’t give this guy much chance of making it to his next birthday. I doubt Obama will be making any phone calls when that happens.

LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E.

So now we have the 6′ 2″ guy down to only 140 pounds soaking wet. Tallulah’s photo doesn’t make him look that scrawny. And the other guy at 6′ 1″and 250 pounds? What source for that?, I cannot tell about Zimmerman’s height from the circulating photo, b;ut he sure doesn’t look big enough for 250 pounds. More lying shit. Perhaps… Read more »

LC SecondMouse

Just made a trip around the blogs this morning, and this shit is getting out of hand. I completely expect further violence at this point, and will be surprised if it does not materialize. Either way, the Party of Stoopid would do well to find a way to tell Hispanic and Latin American voters that President Foodstamp just threw them… Read more »

LC Gladiator

“The first red flag to pop up is that Al Sharpton is involved. That automatically raises the credibility question. This could be Tawana Brawley II.” The witnesses account is hard to find in the reporting of this story which shows that the many in the media want to continue this as a race and gun law story. Let the process… Read more »

VonZorch Imperial Researcher

LC Gladiator @ #:
Der Reichsministry of Injustice under Holder will never prosecute a crime committed by the NBPP or any affiliates thereto.

LC Ogrrre - Imperial Heartless Bastard

Yer Majestyness, how about a Wanted Dead or Alive … preferably Dead poster for any and all members of the New Black Panther Party, starting with Mikhail Muhammed? You could use Mikey’s mugshots, after all such are public record.

LC Xystus

LC Ogrrre

Good idea.


And I suppose that part of that sloppy police work was the part where they said poor little Trayvon was six foot and 160 pounds, ehh, DJ?

LC Gunsniper

Was Trayvon Martin a drug dealer? He certainly was no angel.

LC Gunsniper

From everything I’ve read, he was 6’2? and 140 lbs. In other words a pencil neck.

Tell that to Dominick Cruz.

Anyone of those guys on that page could peel Zimmerman (and most anyone else) like a banana.

Special Ed

Did Zimmerman have a right to go out of his way to follow and stop the kid? No he didn’t. Of course he did. As does every other person in the world. So did the kid have the right to stop and question Zimmerman. Which he may have done, since we weren’t there to see. I have to agree with… Read more »

LC Gunsniper

Suddenly, Trayvon Martin has the training of a UFC fighter? Do you even hear yourself think here? The kid was a fucking junior in high school for fuck’s sake! No, he has the training and conditioning of a football player which handily trumps an out of shape obese man. Go ahead and pretend you didn’t know why I linked to… Read more »

LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech, Imperial Photographer, K.o.E.

So, “Dead or Alive” posters with monetary rewards from known aggitators are not incitement.
“Due Process” is an annoying impediment to “Justice”.
A Witness is someone full ‘a brimstone headin’ for the podium..
“Stand your ground” laws are a license to commit murder.

‘Learnin’ allll kinds’a bizarre stuff from these guys.
None of it good.


Is it “racist” to say that my senses are heightened when I’m driving through Huntsville, and a couple of black guys are standing on the streetcorner, as I’m stopped for a traffic light, and they’re staring at me? When you consider that, STATISTICALLY, the odds that a white person being the victim of an attack by a black person is… Read more »

LC Roguetek

According to the police, when they picked up Zimmerman, he was bleeding from the front and back of his head, and had grass stains all over his back. According to the witness, -Martin- was on top of Zimmerman, pinning him to the ground, trying to pound his head into the dirt. This puts Zimmerman in the position of being unable… Read more »

LC Draco

I have avoided commenting for the most part on this case. However, there are TWO issues that piqued my interest. 1) Just because a police dispatcher says something to the affect of “We do not need you to do that..(follow him)”, has NO legal ramifications. It is a suggestion and not a lawful order. 2) The only thing that really… Read more »

LC SecondMouse

All this crap about whether Trayvon Martin was a credible physical threat needs to be dropped. My son is almost the exact same size as he was (to the inch, and within 5 pounds), and you would not want to fuck with him. Enough about that.


…and his nickname was “Traybanger”.

Why isn’t any of THIS on the news?

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.

Let the investigation be done, and let those who’ve put up bounties be held legally responsible should anybody be harmed in their action. :em08: Let the law run it’s course!

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.

LC Grammar Czar, G.L.O.R. says:

Might also be why his FB page has him flashing gang signs, and wearing his pants “gangsta” style.

Hey, did you know where that “sagging” came from? It came from prison, to show how available your ass was for favors.


LC cmblake6, Imperial Black Ops Technician @ #: Back in the early sixties, when I was in deep with the surfing culture in Hawaii and California, we would wear our “jams” under our jeans. The jeans would often sag, showing the colorful jams underneath. That’s one way we would self-identify as surfers, although I wouldn’t have explained it in sociological… Read more »

Imperial Grammar Nazi, G.L.O.R

Annnnnnnnd here we go. Mom is capitalizing on kid’s death. I expect her to show up on Oprah soon…bet there’s a movie in the works, too.

LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech, Imperial Photographer, K.o.E.

OK,, they’ve got two million signatures on a petition to have Zimmerman arrested.

I’m sure we could come up with at least quintuple that for BS n’ a stadium full’a others…

Imperial Grammar Nazi, G.L.O.R

Cheap, if we got two millions signatures, you suppose we could get the Poseur-in-chief arrested?

LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech, Imperial Photographer, K.o.E.

Grass stains on his back,, his nose was obviously busted by a Skittle though.

Imperial Grammar Nazi, G.L.O.R

Sorry, but there’s no way that he’s a football player and only weighs 140 at 6-2. NO WAY. Also, you keep sticking to your narrative about what a good little boy he was…there’s more and more information coming out about him. Seems he’s not the “babe in the woods” that the left is making him out to be, after all.


Oh, and the little goblin’s mother has filed for trademarks on two slogans including his name. Because that’s what all mothers of “kids” that were shot in self-defense do, right?

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. And it sure as hell ain’t Danish blue cheese.


Mark12A says: STATISTICALLY, the odds that a white person being the victim of an attack by a black person is way higher is way higher Really? Where did you pull that “statistic” from? Years ago, I lived in South Central Los Angeles, an area that used to be ripe with gang activity. Being white in that neighborhood was to be… Read more »

Zimmerman is a democrat……this should get real good, real fast…

Imperial Grammar Nazi, G.L.O.R

LC HJ Caveman82952 @ #:
So much for that narrative. It will be fun to watch the spin on this one…

LC Ohio Right Wing Nut

LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

Zimmerman is a democrat

Then that means that he was a racist and shot him cause he was black, we all know how those loving Democrats have treated blacks over the years.

Imperial Grammar Nazi, G.L.O.R

Mark12A says: I got them from the Department of Justice. Asswipe. There ya go, throwing facts at DJ. Haven’t you learned anything from all your time here? Facts don’t mean anything to a liberal. What matters is what THEY believe to be true, and if you disagree with them, well, you’re a racist. OT, but “the ‘stache” was on Laura… Read more »


Sure, LC Grammar Czar, but it also felt right, so I figured…

LC SecondMouse

LC HJ Caveman82952 @ #:

Curiouser and curiouser. We should soon see more backing up than at a freight terminal.

Nothing quite as entertaining as the self-immolating, all-feeling, no-thinking liberal left when they damn the facts and go all in.

LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.

Why is it when a democrat shoots someone it’s the republicans fault…..? Yeah, I know, in poor taste, but why is the media so desperate to keep white in Zimmermans description? White Hispanic? Is Obama a hash brown, or half black? When was the last time you heard that? Either you are Hispanic or you aren’t……..never read it before…..yes, I… Read more »

LC Gladiator

Black Men Who Could Look Like Obama’s Son Arrested For Murder of White Mississippi State Student It’s funny, I have yet to see a single story about anyone holding candlelight vigils for John Sanderson. There’s no outrage from the left about a group of young black men murdering a white college student, no Congressional hearings scheduled, no civil rights hucksters… Read more »


once again i had to go to word press to log in because you will not accept my password which has not changed in 10yrs..i have had a lot of dealings with negroes and have found them to be the most racist bunch of creeps i ever met.i had to defend myself from two negroes who thought my money was… Read more »

Special Ed

DJ says: What more do you think you need? I need the parts that say which person initiated physical contact and what the other one did in response. That is: the only relevant portion as yet unknown. Without it, we’ve got bupkis. Trayvon Martin was within his rights to walk through the neighborhood with his tea and Skittles. Z-man was… Read more »

Special Ed

It’s possible and even likely that both parties engaged in what we used to call “mutual affray”, or “a fight”, and neither was willing to back down. And Z-man had a little deeper bench …

Nobody is blaming republicans


Did you see my first link? There are others, I simply won’t be dragged into a pissing contest.

That was your first mistake…..;

His mother was Cuban…..

Actually she is Peruvian…

That was your second mistake…..

And as for rotting in jail….he may have, he may not, tell that to Mrs. Simpson……

LC Gunsniper

Loks like Spike Lee pulled a boner with his Zimmerman address tweet. Ah, the folly of the bloodthirsty.


Additional info that I didn’t see mentioned in comments or post: 1. “The Orlando Sentinel reported that George Zimmerman told police he lost 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in the neighborhood he regularly patrolled and was walking back to his vehicle last month when the youth approached him from behind.” So, that (if true) kinda conflicts with the narrative that Zimmerman hunted… Read more »

A sad series of events with a fatal conclusion. Did Zimmerman fuck up? Yes, big time, and got the shock of his life for doing so. Personally I would not have confronted a man in that situation. He knew he object of attention was on to him and chose to pursue. I would have broken contact and waited for the… Read more »


DJ said: Really. The president — who said NOTHING, NOT ONE WORD about race in his statement — said that if he had a son he would look like Obama. See, here’s where my poor little head gets confused. I realize that the oh-so-correct leftists in the country have deemed us conservative women as the most insipid, vacuous and bereft… Read more »

Special Ed

DJ says: We KNOW that there was a scuffle and that Trayvon’s phone was hit the ground. and We might not know every tiny little minute detail As I said, this little unknown detail is the devil: Who committed the first illegal act, the one they did not have the right to make? Martin was within his rights to stop… Read more »


Fuck it. The kid, whether he was a potential honor student who had gone wrong and was on the verge of turning his life around, or was a hard-ass wannabe gangbanger with gold grills and tattoos is dead. He was shot by either a cold blooded psychopathic racist who wanted to cleanse the earth of the Black Death, or was… Read more »

LC Roguetek

I find DJ’s level of conjecture fascinating. While He wants us to believe that Zimmerman acted with malice aforethought, and there are no possible mitigating circumstances, He -also- wants us to believe that Martin is an angel made flesh, who could do no wrong. He argues that martin could not have possibly approached and confronted Zimmerman, Martin was simply too… Read more »

LC Ogrrre - Imperial Heartless Bastard

It is definitely time to start making Wanted Dead or Alive posters for every known member of the New Black Panthers Party. Post them online. Staple them to telephone poles. Place them under the wiper blades on cars parked along the street. It is also time for the DA in any town Al Sharpton is in to arrest him and… Read more »

LC Ogrrre - Imperial Heartless Bastard

And, instead of Pussy Ass Cracker tee shirts, make and sell Pussy Ass N*gger tee shirts with Mikhail Muhammed’s picture on them. Hell, Yeah!


I’ve been following a bunch of law enforcement blogs who are reporting Zimmerman’s position…always different from each other…with a suggestion that Mikhail Muhammad bring a bunch of his bitches along with him to take him. As Muhammad is likely a loudmouth, cowardly, backshooting bastard, I doubt he’ll take them up on it. But it would be funny as hell if… Read more »

LC Dread Pirate Geoarrge

I do want to point out that I find it implausible that Martin decking Zimmerman is a plausible explanation for Zimmerman’s injuries. The most plausible way for a kid in good shape to take a fat man to the ground is by throwing his full weight into a tackle.

LC SecondMouse

DJ, there is a difference between standing your ground and initiating an assault. If it went down like you said it did (and said you would as well), then Trayvon broke the law, and you would too. This means that all of these protestors and NBPP folks are agitating for the right to assault someone they don’t like without consequence.… Read more »

LC Roguetek

“It doesn’t matter that Trayvon probably decked Zimmerman. THAT would have been self defense if Zimmerman had been pursuing the kid with a gun. (foolish, maybe, but possibly a desperate one)” Self defense is ok only if you’re black. Got it. Jesus, couldn’t you just settle for being a liar? Did you have to lower yourself to race-pimp as well?… Read more »

Excellent read…try as they might, this is now political gamesmanship. Left wing attacks, blaming guns, blaming whitey, blaming castle doctrines…… The talk I hear around town here, Rep. “Hoodie” Rush getting kicked off the house floor. One telling line…..…..so many……

Kristophr, LC

Blame democrats, since Zimmerman was registered as one, and probably voted for Obama in 2008.


LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E.

And here is another link to tonight’s news from Ulsterman. Evidently Mr. Zimmerman should have allowed himself to be beaten to death, and his pistol stolen in the name of fairness. Imagine what creative things Traybanger could have done with a stolen pistol. Trayvon a child? The same assholes who try to pass him off as such are the same… Read more »

LC Gunsniper
LC Roguetek


lyin and pimpin still.

I’ve been watching Zimmerman’s story since it first emerged.

Exactly -how- has his story changed? last I knew, zimmerman has said exactly ‘jack’ and ‘shit’ to anyone except the police, and his lawyers.

So please, enlighten me, how did Zimmerman change his story?

LC Roguetek

I mean, seriously, you’re reminding me of Bahdad Bob.


If I parked a bullet into Trayvon, you can damn well believe he was a goblin. Having been through the business of justifiably shooting someone, it is definitely NOT something I would go out of my way to do. On the other hand, having been there, seeing the other guy loaded up into a baggie while I walked away from… Read more »

LC Gladiator

The Man who Despises America


LC Gladiator

Obamas attempt to make sure the nation is talking about Trayvon and not the Democratic failed policies that are ruining our country and Obama’s chance of reelection are working. Make no mistake the Democrats feel this is a winning strategy or they would not have put such an effort into it. Expect to see more because the only other option… Read more »


Like the original blog post said, I wanted to wait until all the facts were in before I tried to pass judgement on an event I neither witnessed, nor had any contextual knowledge of. However, based on Zimmerman’s defense revolving around Martin attacking him, and the video of an apparently unharmed Zimmerman (confirmed by police to be Zimmerman) mere hours… Read more »


Frankly, I think that George is a Walter Mitty type character who let his role get the best of him. I am sure that he had good intentions and his actions got out of hand and got someone killed. It points out the problem with the law where it doesn’t distinguish between an actual “self-defense” and that were the conflict… Read more »

LC IB CiSSnarl5.7 Imperial Foreign War Correspondent

Fuck this noise, I’m reloading.

Ditto, the Kimber Stainless Ten II hasn’t left my reach since this whole thing started.

LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E.

Its just an issue of violating the natoral order of predation. We humans believe it is proper to eat any four-legged creature we think tastes good, but we are horrified if an alligator or lion decides that human tastes good. I buy into that, even as I recognize a certain species hyupocricy about it. But Black gangbangers also seem to… Read more »

Cactus Jack

Apparently, the honorable (choke) Spike Lee has reached a settlement with the elderly couple that lived at the address Lee erroneously tweeted to the rest of the planet in his attempt to have vigilante justice carried out against Zimmerman. Now, the fat, worthless road hog Rosanne Barr is busy trying to show the rest of the world that she is… Read more »

Elephant Man

Been busy the last few weeks so this is the first chance I’ve had in awhile to peruse The Rott in detail. I figured there was going to be a “juicy thread” concerning the Martin/Zimmerman dustup and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s amazing how the protagonists morphed in the last week. Martin: Innocent little boy skipping down the street eating Skittles… Read more »

Elephant Man

Darth Venomous @ #:

Now that’s why I didn’t feel a need to “pile on”. :em05: :em01:

LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech, Imperial Photographer, K.o.E.

“Street Justice” is ugly, mister. You don’t want it! I think the baloon’s already gone up. Sharpton’s arranging for a tent city in Sanford to “occupy” until he’s worn out this particular john in his race pimping career. ‘Gonna’ be a busy spring to the local Gendarmes. Such a handy distraction for BS to duck alllll his other problems, national… Read more »

Street justice is ugly…. And it runs both ways……. I am still waiting, at least on the crickets, waiting to hear some liberal, especially a white liberal, hold these people accountable for themselves rather than blaming everyone else. The guilt trip is running out of steam. Of course the libs/moderates created this problem in the first place…….. I have told… Read more »

Imperial Grammar Nazi, G.L.O.R

Correction, that’s TWO “hoodies” in Bush’s district, not just one.