“Mostly Peaceful” Occutards Beat, Choke Man to Death

Presumably in a mostly peaceful manner, bringing the number of mostly peacefully killed as a result of Ogabe’s favorite “grassroots” movement to 9.


Occupy Eugene leader Kristen Carpenter told KVAL-TV, “We’re sorry we couldn’t have stopped the violence in the system sooner.”

But then nobody would have been able to “come see the violence inherent in the system!”

Yeah, we know, but that line just about wrote itself.


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That’s right. It’s the system to blame, not the people who did it and not the people who incited it, and not the unions who participated or Ogabe who encouraged them.

Let’s put the system on trial. The people are innocent.

FrJim, Imperial Chaplain

Thank God this “movement” is like another word that has the same meaning (and terrible smell.)

In other words, once it’s been pushed out, we can wipe it from our memory and stop giving it another thought.



Note how this won’t make a peep in the national news (just like everything else negative about Occupy…which is just about everything). Thank G-d for the Internet. If this involved the Tea Party the media would be fucking screaming about it from the rooftops but since it involves their favorite so-called “cause” they’ll do everything in their power to bury… Read more »


We’ve ended up in this situation because of the “It take all kinds” bullshit logic. No, it does not.

It takes only decent people that have no tolerance for this shit when it starts and the willingness to stop it – both the hippie protests and being bent over a barrel by special interests.

Radical Redneck
Sir George

This is nothing, nothing, compared to a Tea Partier being accused of spitting on someone.


Well, this’ll cheer y’all up.

A good old boy (Derek Motherhead) from Hendersonville, N.C., took out a raghead armed robber, one Mustafa Kamel Hendi, with ONE PUNCH, then made him clean up the floor of his own blood. Sweeeet.




On the topic: what a cowardly evasion to hold their pissant vigil for “all victims of STREET VIOLENCE.”

Yep, this is just another case of Random Street Violence[TM]; nothing to see here, folks.

Like Limbaugh has said, it would take forever just to set the context straight for all this. . . .

LC PrimEviL

“Authorities are investigating.” Meanwhile, the camp is disbanded, giving both perps and
witnesses time to disappear. Real smooth way handle it. I’m not going to hold my breath
waiting for someone to be charged for this.

LC hilljohnny

Tallulah @ #:
thank you Tallulah

Mike M

A little off the topic at hand, but from the same “Herald Net” here’s another choking story; this one with a significant WTF? element to it. A 67 year old guy with arthritis and two artificial hips confronts a 23 year old in the act of stealing his outboard motor. They struggle (twice). The 67 year old recalls… “I remember… Read more »

OT but worthy of note. After seeing his pic, he could have kicked the shit out of those two single handed. Main thing…. He’s OK.