U.S., Under SCOAMF, is No Ally of Israel

Caroline Glick (without whom we wouldn’t have the indispensable Tribal Updates we like to post) responds to the barrage of anti-Israel rhetoric that the SCOAMF administration has unleashed on our only remaining ally in the Middle East.

We urge you, nay PLEAD with you to go read the whole thing, for it is both righteous and good.

The Hildebeest accused Israel of misogyny because some IDF soldiers left a concert featuring female vocalists. It is forbidden for Orthodox Jews to listen to female singers, so Cankles was basically calling those soldiers bigots for adhering to their own religious faith. Which is odd because, correct us if we’re wrong, isn’t the SCOAMF administration all about respecting people’s faith? At least Judaism doesn’t advocate female genital mutilation, submit women to lashes for driving a car or stone them for the crime of being raped, just to name a few. All those soldiers did was to quietly walk out in observance of their own faith.

She also lashed out at Israel for seeking to pass bills that would keep foreign money bags from influencing Israeli elections, calling it “taking a knife to democracy.” Again, His Imperial Majesty considers that a bit odd. Don’t we already have laws designed to do just that and didn’t, again correct us if we’re wrong, SCOAMF himself accuse the Supreme Court, incorrectly, of having allowed foreign money to flow into the U.S. and subvert the will of the American people? Did we just dream that up? Because we’re pretty sure we saw the Liar-in-Chief standing up there at the podium, casting false accusations at the Supreme Court Justices who were also there but, conveniently, forbidden from responding to his lies.

Of course, it may not be all that self-contradictory. We seem to recall, also, an issue about a certain candidate for president deliberately disabling all safeguards against foreign donations on his campaign website but, again, we’re not supposed to talk about that, lest we be reported to ATTACK WAAAAATCH and get poo-poo’ed by the learned writers of the Weakly Standard for being “unhelpful.”

Caroline also responds to Panetta, that odious fuck, and his demands that Israel give even more concessions (although, if you listen to his barely literate venom, it’s as if they’ve never conceded anything before) or the U.S. won’t side with Israel against her mortal enemies. Excuse us the fuck, over? Oh yes, let’s have the Israelis hand over yet another piece of land to the Paleoswinians that they can then grab while utterly refusing to do anything in return. As they have done Every. Single. Fucking. Time. in the past. We know that it requires the ability to read to find out about all of the concessions that got Israel nothing in the past, but surely Panetta had at least reached menarche when they gave the Paleoswine Gaza and ought therefore to remember it?

Or how about that water-retaining, odious, cantankerous cunt Panetta excoriating the Israelis for trying to do something about Ahmadinnerjacket and the Merry Mullahs getting nukes, stating that if Israel attacks, they would be responsible for starting a regional war? Well duh, you slimy snotweasel, but the alternative, which is what you and SCOAMF seem to achieve, namely the actual acquisition of nukes by the Mad Mullahs would most assuredly lead to the nuclear destruction of Israel. DAMN those uncooperative Joooos for not being overly eager to march into the showers for you, huh? There are words that would describe how I feel about Panetta right now, but they utterly fail me. Not to mention that the Imperial Server would probably melt down if we used them.

And finally that disgusting fuck, SCOAMF’s ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, who basically said that the anti-Semitic attacks increasing all over Europe are all the Joooos’ own fault for refusing to let the Paleosimians drive Israel into the Mediterranean. “If only you would commit suicide, there would be no anti-Semitism because there’d be no Joooos left to attack.”

Is Gutman trying to make sure that he’ll be first in line when they hand out new, shiny KaPo badges in the upcoming European extermination camps? Because that’s the only way we can explain why he’d say something like that. At least he didn’t say it in the original German, although he might as well since we’ve heard it all before. Somebody please strangle that fuck with his foreskin.

Caroline, we are supremely sorry and deeply ashamed about the current state of affairs, but we promise you that we will not shirk from our duty in rectifying it as soon as humanly possible, no matter what it takes.

One day soon we’ll be an ally again. Just don’t judge us too harshly when it comes to how we deal with the traitors in our midst once spring cleaning begins.

Am Yisroel chai!


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Is there not one person in the present administration ever read the Bible ? What a bunch of dam idiots. Even if they have not don’t any have any common sense — an honorable people do not treat their friends like this. I know every since he has been in office he has spit in our friends eyes and bowed… Read more »


Boats, if you have read the good book, you will remember that Isreal stands alone when she is attacked by the russians and Iranians (Gog and Magog). You will also recall that not a single attack will be successful. The pieces on teh cosmic chess board are being moved into place to see exactly what was written 1900 years ago… Read more »

What about the 3 million ogabelini received from Gaza?




lc purple raider

Is there not one person in the present administration ever read the Bible ?

This bunch of marxists, you must be joking.


Cantab @ #:
And in another completely unrelated matter, has anyone seen the diatribe of a letter to the Editor by one Thomas Walker, Lecturer at Iowa State University? I heard about it this morning and just put up a post on it.

I wait with baited breath for our fine host to address this person’s comments.

LC Gladiator

I can not understand why in the world American Jews overwhelmingly voted for Obama. Israels entire existance is threatened by him.

LC Jackboot IC/A

angrywebmaster says:

I wait with baited breath for our fine host to address this person’s comments.

Awesome smackdown right there. I loved it. As to fisking it here in the Empire I’ll defer to the Jefe to do it justice much better than my limited abilities (and time).


I just want to point out that I sent you this information 2 days ago, and I would like to add a few facts to the discussion. What makes it more unbelievable that Howard Berman (big donor to Democratic party hence unimportant ambassadorshhip) is the child of HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was… Read more »


I just pray that there’s still an Israel when this CF administration goes down the drain. I’m a believer in the prophecy of the Bible, but many many have been proven wrong in thinking they understand G_d’s concept of time. Creation in 7 days? Maybe it was 7 nano-seconds, something infinitely smaller or maybe incomprehensibly larger. The point, as I… Read more »


In the meantime, clearly, Shrillery doesn’t have any future political ambitions, since she’s destroying any chance she might have had to take advantage of the small, but growing rift between <0bammy and American Jewry. I think only my brother-in-law and I remember Hillary hugging Suha Arafat, for which we will never forgive her. Yet she was elected Senator of the… Read more »

I just pray that there’s still an Israel when this CF administration goes down the drain.

You are not alone, AyUaxe…….
It has been written…and it is with a sense of great foreboding I fear a certain wrath…….

Sir Fresh Sign

Hamas in Gaza says it’s learning from Arab Spring In explaining the change, several senior members said Hamas has matured in five years in power and learned lessons from the Arab Spring. Huda Naim, a Hamas legislator, said the movement took its cues from the pro-democracy revolts sweeping the Arab world, but also has learned it needs to be more… Read more »