What better way to start off Christmas? (Thanks to our newly minted Devil Dog Cortillaen):


I, too, am proud to be an American, and to be allowed to call myself one is a gift that I will spend my entire life to repay.

And I will happily die a thousand times to preserve the principles that our Founding Fathers set forth, because to do otherwise would render me unworthy unto eternity of the gift that I’ve been given.

I will never live a slave, I would rather die as a free man, free as we were meant to be.


I’d rather be a free peasant in Heaven than a duke in socialist Hell.

You may defeat me, socialist tyrants, but you’ll never own anything but my dead body, and your idiot drones will pay a dear price indeed for that, should they achieve it.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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LC HJ Caveman82952
LC HJ Caveman82952
December 8, 2011 03:46

They may beat you, but they will never defeat you.

LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech, Imperial Photographer, K.o.E.
December 8, 2011 07:08

Not all the stripes are on the uniform, check the carcass too. The experienced will always outperform the learned.
Outstanding vid’. :em01:
Congrats on your Red Piping Suit Cortillaen! :em01:

Igor, Imperial Booby
Igor, Imperial Booby
December 8, 2011 11:53

Urrrah!, Cortillaen
Semper Fi!
Congrats. :em01:

December 8, 2011 12:51

I hadn’t seen this post yet when I put up a post on not apologizing for being an American.
It’s a short video from the Americanization of Emily starring James Garner and Julie Andrews.
I think I’m going to swipe borrow this for my blog

LC Draco
December 8, 2011 15:46

Awesome vid!!! Wonder how long it takes to put all that together….

December 8, 2011 16:00

LC Draco @ #:

Generally 2-3 people about a month provided the power feeds are in place. The tricky part is programming the lights to flash the lights in the correct order and at the correct time.

Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder
December 8, 2011 19:12

Kinda makes you tear up a bit, doesn’t it?

LC Roguetek
LC Roguetek
December 8, 2011 19:51

Neat, but positively seizure inducing…