What if They Had a SOTU and Nobody Gave a F*ck?

That pretty much describes how we feel and no, in case you’re wondering, we didn’t watch it either. If we want to watch that sort of thing, we’ll hit YouTube up for old videos of Mussolini. We really don’t need to waste our time with his understudy.

But we did catch a few highlights from the brave souls who risked lowering their IQs by sitting through the interminable blather-fest, such as his “brave, fiscally responsible promise to freeze the federal budget.”

Right after having kicked up discretionary spending by 85% with his recklessly stupid, disastrous socialist schemes. Big whoop. We’re sure the Empress would be just as impressed with us if we were to come home from the Ferrari dealership in a brand new Testarossa, promising her that we’d “freeze” our spending right now, this instant, just to show how serious we were about our household’s spending limits.

Oh, and then there was his “iron-clad” promise to veto any future legislation with earmarks in it, to which Purple Avenger came up with the most perfect example of the Rhetorical Question™ in the recorded history of mankind:

OK, will Obama really do this?

We mean, it HAD to be a rhetorical question, right? At least unless you’d spent the last three years or so under a rock. On Neptune. In a coma.

If there are any individuals out there who still believe a single, solitary word and much less a “promise” that comes out of Ogabe’s big, fat yap, then we’d very much appreciate it if you’d get the Hades out of our gene pool. Right now.

As to the rest? “Let’s solve education problems by throwing even more money at an utterly failed school system that we’re already throwing more money at than any other civilized nation”, blah, blah, blah, and “it’s time to wave the Magic Wand of Government (+7 against Fiddy2ers and other sub-sentient creatures) and create, out of thin air, the free, super-efficient energy source that has been eluding tens of thousands of highly motivated researchers for decades but hey, I’m the LightWorker, The Lord God Your Ogabe, so when I decree that it must be so…”

Meanwhile, we’ll “stimulate” the economy by removing ever more actually working energy sources from the market by banning drilling, coal mining, shale oil extraction, continuing to block nuclear energy and taxing you if you hook up a generator to your home gym treadmill. OK, we may have made that last bit up, but don’t tell us that he wouldn’t do it if he thought it would cripple the economy some more.

But none of that matters. The nosebleed when you have to visit the pump (those lucky ones among us who still haven’t lost our jobs due to his Socialist, DemCong Wrecking Ball) or pay your utility bills will soon disappear when we, under his wise guidance, reach true socialism a full “sustainable, independent energy supply.”

Sorry about that last strikeout. We had a flashback there. We get that more and more these days, almost as if we’ve seen it all before somewhere. Odd, that.

Of course, the Tongue-Bather’s Brigades in the Obamedia have been out in full force ever since, declaring this speech the best since G-d said “let there be light” (they’d already used up the Gettysburg Address, everything Socrates ever said and the Sermon on the Mount).

And, in case we weren’t yet convinced that we’re led by the Größter Feldherr Aller Zeiten, The Greatest Orator since Pericles, The Most Popular Thing Since Internet Pr0n and Canned Goods With Pull Tabs, Communist Bull Shit informed us that, according to their poll, awfully scientific and all that rot, we’re sure, 91% were in awe of their King Ogabe’s awesomely awesome “proposals.”

At which point we realized that the media of this country has, finally, passed the turning point where you’d be better off reading back issues of the Völkischer Beobachter for your news.

The guys in those papers have better uniforms too.

Anyway, we couldn’t possibly say it better than Jim Treacher:

91%? Show me a poll where 91% of Americans agree that water is wet. That’s not a poll result, that’s an election return for Saddam Hussein.

…a statement with which we fully concur. But, as they say, “Husseins of a feather…”

We keep waiting for Rod Serling to step forward and finish this nightmarish episode so we can get back to reality.


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LC Sir Clambake, Imperial Black Ops Technician, K.o.E.

We keep waiting for Rod Serling to step forward and finish this nightmarish episode so we can get back to reality. Indeed. I listened to the bsfest from the toilet, wandering around the house, picking up the newspeak lies, and looking for the golden fruits to write about. Then I determined I’d simply have to take the whole damn thing… Read more »

LC Spare Parts

My Liege
Do you recall a Twilight Zone episode where a crooked used care dealer buys an antique Model A Ford from an old man for $25?
More anon :em93:

Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery

I couldn’t listen to this speech much less watch. I find few things more irritating than watching president hussein look left, then look right, then look left, then……..well, you get the idea. He NEVER looks directly at ME, or any of the other Americans he is supposedly addressing on TV. He’s too busy reading from the TOTUS. I forgot what… Read more »


We need a new bumper sticker: DON’T PLAY NICE WITH THE VICIOUS PARTY

VonZorch Imperial Researcher

Poll results from a representative sample of SEIU goons and Daily Kostards. Some overlap there.

Civility? You mean bipartisanship when you agree with them, being divisive when you don’t? I don’t buy bambi’s spiel……nice, flowery speech, somewhat bereft in specifics. I am not in the slightest bit interested in catering to what the left believes to be tolerant, open-minded or politically correct. I care even less what they think of me and those such as… Read more »

LC Old Dog

Response to Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery @:
Yet they savaged Bachman for not looking a the CNN Camera when she was looking straight at the Webcam that was the primary delivery device.

Only later did we find out that no one told her that CNN was using a second camera.

Thus the way the LSM will attack!

LC Anniee451

Hah! Guess we ain’t buying the game; the “intro” was bad enough no? Go ahead, make my day. (Too old?)

Well it’s the end of January the REAL start of depression season and I remedy THAT with booze. So welcome fellow rotties!


Any time this weasel shows shows his mug on our TV I automatically change channels, I know I spend a lot of my time doing that but the truth will never come out of his mouth and I refuse to waste my time listening to his lies. It sickens me to watch his head bobble back and forth while reading… Read more »


Excuse me ( shows shows ) It must be my bed time beings I was born in the first half of the last century :em99:

Special Ed

91%. Yes, I believe that. Since the words I heard were ” -poll of those who watched the State of the Union address-” … Who was watching this repeat of a campaign stump speech pack of lies but those sycophants for whom every Obama syllable is magic, the mainstream media (but I wax redundant), and pundits? 91% means he’s lost… Read more »

LC Dread Pirate Geoarrge

I swear, Obama thinks he’s playing a leisurely game of Civilization V on Settler difficulty. All he has to do is open the Research screen, click on Moonbeam-Powered Cold Fusion and the American economy will work dutifully toward developing this technology until it is discovered in 7 turns. All we need is plenty of universities producing enough Professors of Gender… Read more »


Why you all hatin’ on ‘Bam Bam?

By freezing spending at current levels, we’re going to save 400 billion dollars! What’s wrong with you people? That’s a lot of money!

Of course, it’s 400 billion over ten years. 40 billion a year. Which is less than three percent of THIS YEAR’S deficit.

But it’s 400 billion dollars! (eleventy!)


im too depressed to even talk anymore.

Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery

Obama speaks on the Muslim Brotherhood sponsored riots in Egypt: “I want to be very clear in calling out the Egyptian authorities to refrain from any violence against peaceful protesters,” Obama speaks out on the protests and killings of demonstrators in Tehran following a crooked elections: “We will continue to bear witness to the extraordinary events that are taking place… Read more »

The Lone Haranguer
Imperial Grammar Nazi, G.L.O.R

Response to Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery @:
He has NO clue what to do. I suppose he COULD try to organize them…