Apologies to Aesop

A while ago, there was a coven of buzzards, well, perhaps both a coven and cesspool, located in a very windy place of the Midwest. Since the early 60’s they had schemed and executed failed plan after failed plan, always trying to achieve fame, power and money (in some order or another).

Then one day, the main buzzard spoke to his partner and said: “we have had little success in other than killing a few pigs, scorching some buildings and for the most part, avoiding prison. What we have been doing simply has not worked.

The partner then said: Perhaps we have been doing this wrong, what we need is a King Crow to confuse and mislead the rest of the rabble as they are suspicious of buzzards in general.

And so it was, with the assistance of the eldest and wisest (well, communist anyway) buzzard, they created, selected and groomed a King Crow, with all the best maleducation possible, including Ivy league white collar crime law schools, leading to do nothing jobs to enhance the resume. They even got him into the windy place political structure, where he did basically nothing other than voting “present”, thus creating a perfectly clean, empty vessel for the coven.

Then one day, when the coven was ready, they sprung a trap on the eldest Harpy, who with failing mental faculties and eyesight, was oblivious to what was happening in real time. Not only was the Harpy bamboozled, but so was a slim majority of the population, as the same coven had engineered a total Dodo to run in the opposition party, notwithstanding him picking a young Alaskan eagle as VP candidate.

And so it was, with the help of crooked city stool pigeon flocks and altered voting tabulators, the King Crow was able to attempt their fervent dream of destroying the still present exceptionalism of the nation. Alas, their Crow was so incompetent and narcissistic; he was completely ineffective to the task, though he did lay a foundation upon which greater damage could be done by placing Cuckoos and Buzzards in many tiers of government bureaucracy.

Having completed his term (gritting that it was not allowed to go further) the Harpy was dusted off along with a gaggle of party chickens, to continue with “the plan” implementing the destruction of a nation. Imagine the surprise and consternation when a full grown eagle, with sharp eyes and years of experience in dealing with buzzards, landed in the court.

The eagle won over the minds and hearts of a great number of former rabble, including heretofore solid blue buzzard voters. To the absolute frenzy and foaming of the coven, the eagle won and against never ending opposition, was able to improve the lives of a great many flyover residents and encouraged through regulatory reform and tax reductions, producing a white hot economy for all to thrive in.

The coven and their acolytes in Columbia, simply could not stand the thought of their ascent to power being thwarted, and so engineered, with the assistance of a number of overseas buzzard brethren, a plan to overwhelm and destroy the constitutional voting requirements, including the use of malevolent viruses, so as to ensure their choice feathered puppet would end up placed in the white nest. And so it would go, even though the eagle garnered the largest number of votes ever achieved in a presidential election, the tallies were swung so far left (17.4% precisely) that even a potted plant could have been placed in power.

Of course, the coven and all the buzzards knew full well that such blatant disregard and manipulation could not he covered up forever, so the other carrion eaters of the fourth estate were set into overdrive to keep a lid on all the malfeasance and destruction. Adding barbed wire and fences out of fear, where none have been needed in the past 240+ years is quite telling.

And here we are, four plus months into a (mostly bloodless) coop*, where the burning and destruction of blue buzzard coven supporting nests and medical manipulation of the vanished flu now called Wuhan virus, is encouraged as a means of distracting from what is really taking place.

There are some tenuous attempts to shine the light of day at the nest of the Phoenix, but too many places are burning to allow focus and rationality to penetrate. Even the city of great machinery has been tainted by the buzzards. No way to know if anything will crack the egg shell of truth at this juncture.

Thus, we flyover denizens continue to observe and tally the actions of the birds of ill feather. A day of reckoning will ensue, hopefully by a paper ballot in sealed and sound custody boxes, or by other, less salubrious means.

*Yeah, I know, artistic license and ‘sounds like”, so sod off.

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Ohio Guy
Ohio Guy
May 16, 2021 11:15

Paper ballot, huh? Or another strongly worded letter of protest? Hard pass. Got Violence?

LC Xystus
LC Xystus
May 22, 2021 17:49
Reply to  Ohio Guy

I think that’s what Terrapod meant by “…other, less salubrious means.”

Speaking for myself, I’d say, “Yes, we’ve got violence!”

Last edited 24 days ago by LC Xystus
May 18, 2021 15:46

Speaking of phoenixes, AZ Election Auditors Claim Maricopa County Officials Deleted Databases from Voting Machines Before Handing Them Over

May 18, 2021 22:40
Reply to  Terrapod

I don’t really understand what’s going on there. Did they delete Trump voters, Biden voters or a whole section? Also, it appears that it’s Republican vs. Republican, per this article. https://www.newser.com/story/306305/2020-election-fight-still-alive-in-arizona-and-its-heated.html?utm_source=dailyrundown&utm_medium=email&utm_content=17637569684145972640&utm_campaign=20210518 Do you know anything about the firm doing the audit? The ones certain people say don’t know what they’re doing. Biden has turned the DOJ into his own private… Read more »

May 21, 2021 20:05

PA County Reports Voting Machine Issues Affecting Republican Ballots; Dominion Releases Statement “We regret any confusion this has caused.” May 21, 2021  DailyWire.com Eyewitness News reported Tuesday that they had “received numerous calls from concerned citizens reporting issues with voting machines improperly labeling Republican ballots as Democrat.” “Unfortunately, this morning, the machines were all shut down and people were losing their patience and leaving,”… Read more »