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MASSIVE Voter Audit Underway Uncovers Evidence Of Fraud But CNN Says Trump’s Claims Are Fake News.

The Voter Integrity Fund has found thousands of potential instances of illegal ballots. On Laura Ingraham’s show Nahshon Garrett says that a ballot was cast in his name in Arizona but that he had moved to Tennessee to train for the Olympics. Someone else

, he says, must have voted in his name.

The VIF also found thousands of people who changed their addresses but then voted absentee for previous residencies suggesting either an illegal ballot cast or someone fraudulently voting in their name. Democrats and media keep saying the race is over and Trump should accept the results of the election

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, that Joe Biden is president-elect

But Trump and Republicans are entitled to full legal recourse as outlined in the constitutional process and his supporters demand he fight to the bitter end.

In even better news, it appears CNN is drowning in red ink , desperately searching for a buyer.

Get woke…GO BROKE

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By LCBren

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November 15, 2020 16:52

I have something in my queue about Jeff Zucker planning his exit strategy from CNN and AT&T.

Reply to  LCBren
November 16, 2020 04:29

It looks like AT&T is having a bit of buyers remorse and may be putting CNN on the market. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could get President Trump to put together a team of conservative investors to buy it? Think of all the fun to be had as the current crop of communists scream they will quit. Then most… Read more »

November 16, 2020 19:30

I have another beef with CNN and PBS (they should just omit the “P”.) That slut Christiane Ananpour just compared Trump’s term to Kristallnacht. WTF!! She is so ignorant, she doesn’t know history obviously, and seeing as she’s half-Iranian, she should not be talking about eradication of Jews!! Back before the first Iraq war, the NY Post called her CNN’s… Read more »

November 16, 2020 19:44

And how about this: Calif. Judge Rules Newsom Overstepped Bounds by Imposing Vote-By-Mail”
And oh yeah, he just celebrated his birthday party by going maskless to a group gathering. HYPOCRITE

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches
November 16, 2020 22:58

In even better news, it appears CNN is drowning in red ink , desperately searching for a buyer.

*starts writing check*

  • US Government

*kicks in a few bucks*

  • The DNC