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Reports in the last few weeks have identified one VERY interesting fact.

A lot of the pollsters have asked the wrong questions

, zones that see a lot of Biden signs have an underlying theme in common…mamy people wont outwardly post Trump signs because of the harassment that follows and say very little..

..until election day. Then they speak.

Loud and clear.

Jonathon Pies video is four years old…yet apply this to 2020 and he may very well be right.


Follow me on this:


Hillary Clinton “A whole basket of deplorables”

and then


Joe Biden: “You got more questions. If you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or Trump

, then you ain’t black.”

I have no skin in this game, I cant vote, and it is never my business to tell ANY of you how to vote, that’s not my call nor is it ever my place. My gut call is this:

The Democrats have repeated 2016 history..that Biden and Harris have, again, taken the voters for granted.

I cant say this for certain

, it’s a hunch, a gut feeling , little more.

Over to you.

By LCBren

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