You Are Not Allowed To See This

Millennial Millie (Millie Weaver) had not hit my radar much until I heard last week that she had been arrested, and as I dug further into the story, I learned that her arrest came one day before she was planning to release a documentary she was calling “ShadowGate”. Apparently an associate of hers was able to publish the video over last weekend while Millie sat in jail, and Millie herself was released yesterday.

But what caught my eye was her video. I have only been able to verify a few parts of it, but what I have been able to put together has convinced me that the lion’s share of the story is true. And it is terrifying. It is a bit over an hour long, but I assure you that you will emerge from it with many of your questions answered, like:

  • Why exactly did Seth Rich have to die?
  • How come so much of what I see in all forms of media feels so contrived?
  • Why does life in the US right now feel so ‘off’ and ‘wrong’?
  • If we are still the majority, why does it feel like we are fighting an uphill battle?

Watch and learn, and let me know what you think below.

YouTube takes this video down as soon as they find it, and the only stable site I can find it on is not whitelisted for embedding by WordPress, so here is the link:

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August 20, 2020 05:45

A requiem for our fine neighbor up north. So long, Canada, it has been great knowing ye. Now we will have to get to know the Principality of Quebec, the Caliphate of Ontario and Great Western Canada, the three countries that will emerge after total collapse of the Librano regime. New taxes, no more fossil fuels and absolute dictatorship? Not… Read more »

August 24, 2020 05:29

Interesting how 2013 comments appear to fit our current situation to a T insofar as mayhem in the streets.