After Michigan’s Republican-controlled legislature denied Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s request to extend her declared state of emergency, Whitmer decided to extend it anyway, unilaterally forcing businesses and venues to stay closed through the end of May.

So her emergency powers, under Michigan law required to sunset unless and extension is approved by the legislature, have just been extended because she doesn’t feel like letting the children of Michigan out of their rooms again.

So the shovel-faced ogre of Lansing just unilaterally declared that the law doesn’t apply to her? Interesting.

The weak-kneed Republican legislature even offered her a compromise, something they were in no way required to do:

The state legislature had proposed a compromise to Whitmer, offering to extend her emergency powers as long as Whitmer agreed to give lawmakers greater oversight regarding how those powers were used.

Whitmer, who was famously unable to get along with the legislative branch even before this, didn’t just privately reject this compromise. She released her staff’s email exchanges with GOP lawmakers without obtaining permission to do so. She then declared that she would continue to use her emergency powers regardless of what the state legislature decided.

Impressive. Even Adolf Hitler had the common courtesy of following the laws of Germany until he’d grabbed all the power he could, at which point he declared German law null and void. Gretchen couldn’t even control her lust for power that much. At this point, the only things that distinguish her in any meaningful fashion from the insane Austrian postcard painter is that she hasn’t locked up anybody in concentration camps and hasn’t invaded Poland yet. Most likely because she wouldn’t be able to point to Poland on a map if she knew what a map was.

Oh, and she didn’t even have to set fire to the state capitol first either.

Whitmer’s unwillingness to work with the other branches of government is “disappointing,” [Speaker of the House] Chatfield added.

No. It’s not “disappointing.” It’s treason. It’s also a violation of her oath of office. You can keep diplo-waffling as much as you like for political reasons, but calling an unlawful arrogation of power in direct violation of the law of the land and her own oath “disappointing” is like calling the War of Independence a “slight diplomatic misunderstanding.” While pissing on it, since it goes against every single reason it was fought in the first place.

His Imperial Majesty has to ask himself: Just what in the everloving fuck happened to this country? Just exactly when was the turning point where we, once proud and independent Americans, became a mass of meek, baaing sheep quietly suffering under a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evincing a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, offering no more of a protest against all of the above than that it’s “disappointing?”

Who among us can imagine the patriots at Lexington saying “well, that’s certainly a disappointing turn of events, but if His Majesty wants our weapons, then we suppose we’d better give them to him. After all, His Majesty insists, so what can we do? But we’d like to register deep disappointment, so there. That’ll show him. Alright, let’s all be off to home now for a cup of tea.”

Maybe it would have been for the best. Judging by what we’re seeing now, we’d have ended up in pretty much the same spot that we are now, minus the bloodshed.

Tugging our forelocks, begging our pardons, throwing our coats over puddles of mud so that our “betters” might avoid getting their boots dirty.

Speaking of our “betters.” Ever notice how every single one of the hopefully eternally damned arseholes not asking, nay, DEMANDING that we give up our livelihoods, our sustenance, our property, our sacred liberties “for our own good” aren’t, not ONE of them, giving up a single damned thing themselves? Have any of THEIR paychecks been interrupted? Are any of THEIR businesses being shut down? Are they even having to forgo a haircut?


, nope and nope.

The Nomenklatura are still enjoying their Dachas, their mortgages are still being paid, there’s no shortage of anything as far as they’re concerned, the Gauleiter of Illinois’ trophy wife is still taking pleasure rides to their properties in Florida paid for by “campaign donations” while the rest of the state can’t leave their houses

, Frau Pelosi is still gushing about her thousands of dollars worth of expensive ice cream while enjoying having her grandchildren flown into one of her mansions at OUR expense while thousands of ordinary Americans can’t visit their loved ones, heck, they can’t even get their loved ones’ corpses back if they die from the Chinese Lung Pox and give them a proper funeral.

And we’re sitting down for this? “For our own good?”


Why aren’t those modern day Nazis dangling from lamp posts already?

What the gottdammed fuck did we even fight the war of 1776 for if we’re willing to put up with this?

Because of a bad flu? Because we don’t trust our own judgment enough? Because we “need” idiots with absolutely no fucking clue’s judgment of what is “best” for us?

We’re not adults anymore? We’re not capable of deciding, for ourselves, whether it’s too dangerous to go outside anymore?

Have we truly devolved, degenerated into a herd of mewling ruminants so utterly daft that we need idiots with degrees in political science to make all of our decisions for us?

Because of what amounts to a national case of the sniffles?


Everything that our forefathers fought and died, in droves, for, suddenly declared null and void because of what, exactly?

Everything that made this nation unique, truly the greatest nation that ever existed, founded on principles never before seen anywhere in the world at the same time, a nation that went from being an impoverished colony to the most powerful nation the world has ever seen within a century and a half, all of that thrown out the window because of a disease that amounts to nothing more than a bad case of the fucking FLU?

It’s a good thing that the Soviets didn’t know that, or the Cold War would have ended quite differently.

Then again, on the other hand, our now dead skills from thirty years of non-use in speaking Russian would have been up to speed and we wouldn’t have trouble stringing a sentence together, so we guess it’s not all bad.

“You have a Republic, if you can keep it.”

We guess we couldn’t.

What a waste.


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By Emperor Misha I

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May 4, 2020 16:58

It’s time for the state to live up to it’s nickname. “Militiagan”

Since her order is illegal, ignore it. If the police try to enforce it, inform then that this would be a very bad idea.

May 4, 2020 17:34

Last I looked this AM, the recall petition is up to 370K signatures. Nowhere near what we need to kick out Halfwitmer. It is hopeless I know, but would the frigging R party of Michigan grow a pair and have her put in jail for failing to comply with the law? I am sure we can find a sheriff or… Read more »

LC FX Phillips
LC FX Phillips
May 9, 2020 07:53

His Imperial Majesty has to ask himself: Just what in the everloving fuck happened to this country? Just exactly when was the turning point where we, once proud and independent Americans, became a mass of meek, baaing sheep quietly suffering under a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evincing a design to reduce them under… Read more »