Teachers at schools in Florida will be carrying guns in the classroom from today under a law designed to stop school massacres.

Oh, it will, I can gaurantee it. There is one reason and ONE REASON ALONE these massacres took place:

Under the program, which passed the Florida legislature in May and will be administered by the Florida Department of Education, “guardians” will be required to undertake 144 hours of training and “must pass psychological and drug screenings”.

Which any law abiding CCHL holder will pass with flying colours.

“You know

, until you’re standing in front of someone with a gun pointed at you, you don’t realise how helpless you really are,” he said.

As any school shooting survivor will attest to, especially the ones who were stripped of their God given right under the 2nd amendment to armed self defence by worthless bureaucratic hoplophobes.

Repeat after me: The only way to deal with a bad guy with a a good guy with a gun.

By LCBren

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