We only just recently learned of Unplanned, the movie.

As a matter of fact, the main reason we learned of it was that the oh-so-very-not-censoring Twatter suddenly banned the producers’ Twatter account right in the middle of release week, which would be last week.

Then, once the Schiff hit the fan, unbanned it again, claiming the usual “accident”, which only ever seems to happen to accounts with political leanings to the right of Josef Stalin.

People who aren’t mass-murdering psychopaths devoted to a failed genocidal ideology seem to be very accident-prone when it comes to “deplatforming”, which is the newfangled term for what used to be called censorship, back when words meant something.

Didn’t stop the movie from hitting fifth place in the weekend’s box office score though. Pretty amazing, when you think about it. Those poor Prozis just can’t catch a break, can they?

The story, a true one, is about Abby Johnson, a young lady who used to be a Lagerkommandant, er, Director, at one of Planned Mass Murder’s many lovely KZs (we refuse to dignify them with the term “clinic”), until she came face to face with the cruel, murderous reality of what went on inside the gas chambers, er, “rooms” themselves. She’s been a staunch pro-life advocate ever since.

Which is pretty amazing, particularly considering the amount of hatred that she knew she was going to face from her former “friends.” Especially when she started testifying against them in courts and elsewhere. That’s one brave woman.

(Notes to leftists with notions of defecting from the Hitler-Stalin-Mao Axis: Your “friends” are not your friends, and you’ll learn right quick how true that is once you are no longer useful to them. Just ask Leon Trotsky. If you know how to use a Ouija board. Ask us how we know. Good news is that we are your friends, and we’ve got your backs if you cross over).

Anyway, this one is definitely on the “to watch” list.

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By Emperor Misha I

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