So Who’s This Khashoggi and Why Should We Care?

We don’t have a lot of time for things like that these days, but we did some digging anyway, just to see if we could figure out what the big hubbub was all about.

So who is/was he?

Well, apparently he was a terrorist-sympathizing “journalist” for the Washington Compost who was Muslim Brotherhood, pro-Sharia and used to pal around with one Osama bin Laden. He was also allegedly killed by a bunch of Saudis, according to our “allies” in Turkey. You know, the same allies who screwed us over royally (or tried, at least) during Gulf War II by changing their minds about our troops being stationed there right in the 11th hour before the start of the war. Also the same “allies” who held an American Missionary and his wife hostage for ages for the “crime” of breathing while Christian.

Yeah, those “allies.” Why would we ever doubt a word that spilled from their impeccably honest lips?

As to the second question, “why should we care?”

We don’t know. We’ve got nothing there.

A foreigner who was a pal of Osama’s got killed by some other foreigners in a foreign country.

Nope, still nothin’.


P.S.: Yes, we admit it, and we’re not ashamed either: We do not have any sort of sympathy regarding any sort of accomplice, associate or acquaintance of Osama’s, the mastermind behind the most murderous attack on the United States in history, the subhuman beast who murdered thousands of wholly innocent civilians. We freely admit to a bit of bias against such individuals, and we make no excuses for it. Nor do we have any intention whatsoever of changing that in any shape, form or fashion. As far as we’re concerned, any random Joe could have grabbed Khashoggi in full view of the public and then fed him into a wood chipper, feet first, and we’d barely be able to muster a bored shrug. Serves the pig right.

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I think the ComuNazi’s are testing new code in the NPC’s and this was just as good an event as any.


And I forgot to click the notify button. :em06:

Should have had coffee before posting


Like pretty much everything in the MSM nowadays, this is very likely being used as a distraction to keep other news (bad for the D progressive branch of the MSM) away from the front pages. Am in total agreement with Misha, another Arab being killed by other Arabs, meh!, not news, been going on for more than 1500 years and… Read more »

The Turkish make the French seem like solid allies in comparison. So the IslamoNAZI’s in Turkey let the IslamoNAZI’s from the House of Saud murder a Muslim Brotherhood supporter and sympathizer. I’m sure the Globalist house of Bush, Clinton, and Obama Bin Lyin are all a twitter about it. This does not even reach a meh on my Give-a-Shit o… Read more »

LC Xystus

And the current government in Ankara makes the old Turks “seem like solid allies in comparison.” I notice, however, that Sultan Erdogan the Insignificant’s regime seems to be working against presumed Saudi interests here. Apparently they had the consulate bugged, anyway.


I do have one question.

Any relation to Adnan Kashoggi?


Nephew I think, so yes, it is blood relation.

LCBren says:

Any relation to Adnan Kashoggi?

Yeah, this guy


:em01: :em01:


Nephew I think, so yes, it is blood relation.


Fa Cube Itches

He’s the latest Jake Lingle Memorial Award for Journalistic Integrity winner. He should feel honored.


Deja vu all over again, but if Iran is one of the two they may by happenstance do the right thing. :em03:

Frankly, Saudis offing Saudis is none of our concern.

Just Another Random Nut, GLOR

One question, Sire: was Khashoggi a US citizen at the time of his death? If so, we probably should swat the Saudis with a rolled-up newspaper, if only to re-establish “hey, no killing our citizens without asking first”. That’s the only bit that pops to mind. If not, I’m all out of fucks to give about the whole thing.

Fa Cube Itches

The problem is that journalists have been taking sides in things for quite some time – proffering their own take on things beyond simply reporting objective facts. Once you take sides, you become a target. If you’re going to go around “afflicting the comfortable,” that comes with the understanding that the comfortable might just decide to afflict back. Sometimes, taking… Read more »

Fa Cube Itches

If it fuels your fantasies to think of it that way