Just a quick “hello” from our ignoble self to let you know that we haven’t disappeared or forsworn intemperate blogging fore’er more.

Just a lot busier than usual and weighed down by the usual crap, piles of bills and whatnot.

As are we all from time to time, for such is mankind’s lot.

We note that politics is what it’s ever been: The Prozicrats are hysterical, the EneMedia are lying their teeth off and the President is delivering on more of his promises every day while they hyperventilate and scream helplessly at the sky.

We really don’t think that we’d be overreaching if we were to suggest that maybe involuntary commitment would be appropriate for the whole sorry lot of them.

Back to the chaos of our life…

Thatisall (for now).

By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.