This certainly goes a long way towards explaining the British Labour Party’s pro-mooselimb, anti-British policies.

British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was forced to admit he attended a ceremony in 2014 in Tunisia, where the terrorists involved in the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes during the 1972 summer Olympics were buried.


At first, Corbyn denied even attending the event.

Yeah, but then this surfaced:

Corbyn, totally not honoring the murderers of 11 Israeli athletes.

Now he claims that, despite holding a wreath, he “doesn’t think” he was involved in laying it.

Besides, you know, holding the wreath about to be lain upon the graves of the mooselimb terrorist murderers, of course. But other than that trifling detail…

He also says that he was there to remember the victims of an Israeli airstrike in 1985 on PLO headquarters in Tunisia. But the Daily Mail visited the cemetery and “discovered that the monument to the air strike victims is 15 yards from where Mr Corbyn is pictured – instead he was in front of a plaque that lies beside the graves of Black September members.”

Erm… oops?

We have to include this from the author of the linked article:

When I was growing up and first learned about the Holocaust I wondered why “Never Forget” was so important to people. I thought at the time, why even bother? How could people “forget” the deaths of 6 million human beings?

Now I know.

Indeed, Rick. Indeed.

Never forget!


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August 15, 2018 04:15

Say hello to the next Prime Minister.

August 20, 2018 15:35

Drip drip drip: The Daily Telegraph reports that at a 2012 conference in Doha, Jeremy Corbyn sat on a panel with a Hamas terror leader with plenty of blood on his hands. As Hamas’ top leader in the northern West Bank, Husam Badran orchestrated suicide bombings at Netanya’s Park Hotel (a.k.a. the Passover massacre: 30 killed, 140 injured), Tel Aviv’s… Read more »