You’re not going to believe it, but the 12,733rd example of “Raycism, Raycism EVERYWHERE™” turned out to be, you know, a hoax.

A waiter at a Texas steakhouse made up the viral story about a customer leaving him a racist note, his employer said Monday. The story gained national attention after Khalil Cavil, a 20-year-old server for Saltgrass Steak House in Odessa, Texas, posted a now-deleted image of the receipt he claimed was left for him on July 14.

On the bill, Khalil’s name was circled and the words, “we don’t tip terrorist,” were written at the top.

No, it’s alright, we think we’re going to go have a bit of a lie down ourselves now, that’s how utterly baffled and shocked we are! You go have one too.

OK, all better now…

Of course, anybody with the IQ of a potted plant or above (which apparently excludes management at Saltgrass Steakhouse, who promptly banned the customer for life) would notice at least one thing: Nobody, unless English is not their native language, would ever write “we don’t tip terrorist”. They’d write, as we all know, even this lowly foreign Emperor, “we don’t tip terrorists“, plural.

But noooo… so eager were the management at Saltgrass Steakhouse to bow down to their SJW masters that they jumped straight to “sounds legit” and banned the customer. Sure, they’ve since said that they’ve lifted the ban and invited the customer back for a free dinner (which they might, were we the customer, keep and stuff in anatomically impossible places) but, in light of just how many hundreds of these Fake Hate Crimes™ we’ve seen lately and considering the now apparently archaic “innocent until proven guilty”, perhaps a simple “let’s at least check this out before we start throwing bans around” might have been in order?

We must, regrettably, admit to having frequented Saltgrass Steakhouse in the past, a mistake that we’ll make sure not to repeat ever again. Who knows what they might accuse us of with zero evidence at all?


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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