Fuckwit Answers Maxi-Pad Waters’ Call to Arms

And, of course, decides to stay in his own weight class by assaulting a couple of scrawny teens (via Patriot Retort, who promptly finds her way onto the Imperial Blogroll):

That’s Kino Ahuitzotl Jimenez, age 30, of Universal City, TX, committing assault and theft on camera. Not the brightest bulbs on the tree, these ResistanceLOL “fighters”, are they?

Kino has since found himself disemployed, arrested and kicked out of the Green Party (presumably reducing their membership by about 50%).

Which still isn’t enough, but we’re sure he has more “fun” waiting for him, now that he’s a national celebritard for assaulting a 16-year-old and stealing his hat.

We keep saying this, and we’ll say it again: This is not going to end well for you, Prozi degenerates. The vast majority of us aren’t “well I never!”, “but, muh principles!”, “let’s not sink to their level!” soyboy “conservatives.” You may not have heard much from us yet, but don’t mistake that for us not watching very carefully what you’re up to, keeping score while fighting an ever more hopeless battle against our inner Machine™.

What you’re mistaking for weakness is something else entirely. It’s called “impulse control”, something you feces-flinging baboons know nothing about, as proven by your daily outrages.

Well, that and the soycucks of the NeverTrumpTard “right” who keep mistaking self defense for “sinking to your level.”

If an angry mutt is chewing at your ankle, the correct response is to kick it into next Wednesday, NOT effeminately flailing around with your arms, punching holes in the air.

But thanks anyways, you degenerate scumbag. You just created 10,000 more Trump voters.


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July 7, 2018 05:21

#Resisters always do things in banana style.

In one big yellow bunch

That or they go after someone they know either can’t or won’t fight back.

July 7, 2018 06:05

That video of a man taking the baton away from the Antifa thug and flooring him with a single roundhouse punch to the head still brings a smile to my face. These dirtbags just don’t see what happens when “we the people” have had enough of their antics. The pendelum swings my lads, the pendelum swings and can become a… Read more »

July 7, 2018 19:24

Yeah, because Trumpsters don’t ever get out of their lane by doing something stupid. Funny how you neglected to display your faux ‘outrage’ over the “BBQ Becky”, “Permit Patty”, and now “Pool Patrol Paul”.

As soon as you can establish a connection between this incident and this guys actual political affiliations (which you dont fucking well know) Ill listen.

July 8, 2018 04:08

Here’s the prime example of ‘civility’.


I’ll retract it and apologise…………………as soon as you can prove the guy in question is a Trump supporter.

July 8, 2018 12:16

Geezz…Did any y’all read the comments on that tweet?
The two little turds were discussing black and brown genocide and got the ice drink challenge.
Woof, woof