Well whaddayaknow:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBMA) It has been two years (almost to the day) since former Attorney General Lorretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton met secretly on a Phoenix tarmac.

You remember, right? That was back when Jugear’s FIB was busy whitewashing the Felonia v. Pantsuit illegal server “matter”, at least if their own notes are to be believed. No, their OWN notes, not the lies they later spread. So Billy Jeff just “accidentally” happens to bump into AG Lynch for a totes innocent chat about grandkids and golf and, wouldn’t you know it, a bit later it turns out that Felonia v. Pantsuit was absolutely not guilty of anything, EVAH!

(In spite of that insufferably sanctimonious lying prick Comey having just run up a whole laundry list of felonies in his testimony).

Two years later, new documents reveal discrepancies in what the two said they talked about on board Lynch’s private plane.

This is our shocked face.

The documents also confirm previous reports that orders were made that no photos be taken.

Furthermore, the documents generate new questions involving a mystery person with Clinton.

New statements show the meeting may have been planned along with new questions as to who may have overheard the meeting along with what appears to be a testy exchange when a Lynch staffer attempted to get on the plane to break up the meeting but was stopped from doing so.

And why not? Do you have any IDEA of the importance of chatting about the grandkids and golf? Innocently, of course!

Clinton and Lynch have maintained the meeting was not planned. However, the IG’s report may suggest otherwise. Or at least that not all parties were aware.

On page 203 of the report, “The OPA (Office of Public Affairs) Supervisor said that he later learned that former President Clinton’s Secret Service detail had contacted Lynch’s FBI security detail to let them know that the former President wanted to meet with Lynch.” Lynch’s staff members maintain in the report they had no knowledge of the request and were surprised by the former President’s visit.

The same staff members that were prepared to vigorously defend against any and all interruptions of Loretta and Bill exchanging stories about golf and grandkids.

Now on to act two, where the DoJ are once again asked to investigate themselves for wrongdoing, followed by them finding that no, they did nothing wrong, followed by several months of the GOP “grilling” members of said DoJ while achieving absolutely bupkes, except for excellent soundbites and, perhaps, a few toots of the horns and clapping of flippers from the easily deluded in the peanut galleries.


String ’em up.


By Emperor Misha I

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