So… Whappened?

First of all, let me apologize for my unconscionably long absence. There are reasons for it, but I should have put up a notice that I hadn’t died or left the planet.

For those of you who worried, my most sincere apologies.

Things have been hectic, not least due to the Empress’ sudden unemployment, and yours truly has been pretty much working, working OT, then eating and sleeping to try to make ends meet. We’re all healthy, though, just busy.

As a result, however, I haven’t had much time to write much of anything, not to mention that my energy reserves have been quite low.

Still no excuse for not at least putting up an “I’m still alive” post, though so, once again, my most sincere apologies.

Also, my thanks to Deej and Brendan for keeping the lights on and to all of you who keep checking in.

Hopefully things will change soon.


Emp. Misha I

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So, we won’t need to bring this guy around then?



Misha Thanks for the update. Our prayers with you and your spouse regarding new employment for her to engage in. With the economy of TX booming, I trust that a new opportunity will open up soon. What kind of work is she seeking? It never hurts to spread the word to our contacts. I have some and I am sure… Read more »


I was out of work for 2 years so I know how it feels. Actually it was worse since I’m alone now and no other sources of income at the time. I took a couple of jobs that really sucked, and didn’t last long before I landed the one I’m at now. It’s a small, (Less then 1000 people), global… Read more »