It appears that Captain Robert “Ahab” Mueller has finally caught sight of… er, a tiny whitish sardine, maybe?

Short version: Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn has pled guilty to one count of fibbing to the FIB (not a typo) about how, in minute detail, he was doing his job as part of the transitional administration. Doing his job, mind you, with the full blessing and knowledge of the former Obama Junta (not that it really matters whether he had their blessing to do his actual job or not).

In other words, this Bombshell™ of a development proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Trump team colluuuuuuuuuded with the Russians somehow, at least if you ask the average Prozi on the street. Just don’t ask Brian Ross, Ace Reporter of the ABC, because he’s been suspended for four weeks without pay for lying about this, so he’s probably secluded somewhere applying analgesics to his butt.

But wait, there’s more! The Trump team must then somehow have colluuuuuuuded with the Russians to steal the election AFTER THEY’D ALREADY WON IT!!!! Is there nothing that the Trumpinator and his team CAN’T do?

Don’t worry, Ahab. Some day you’ll catch that damn white whale!

We’d reach out for the Attorney General’s opinion, but he hasn’t been answering his phone since he recused himself from it on grounds of… Who the Hades knows? Some guy working for the phone company named Sergey, perhaps?


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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